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Thread: I-751 timelines - guesses?

  1. #11

    I got married at the age of 18

    You could still try to open a bank account together and put some bucks in, and some utilty bill like the phone or something.

    4 years of joint filing for tax returns is pretty good... and copies of tickets for visiting family is okey. If you have a credit card put her in as an authorized user.

    In any event I leave you my email address just in case:

  2. #12
    Thanks aguila. yes I was almost 18. the things we do, right? stupid stupid stupid
    I forgot, we do have a bank account together. we never use it in the last two years, because we have separate ones now (neither of us trust the other with money -another reason this fell apart). and some bills with both our names from before, and our telephone book listing with our names at one residence. and we still have the same cell phone plan at least for now. so there is some evidence, yes but i am always afraid it is not enough!

  3. #13
    oh another question.
    I will soon be able to file for citizenship. if I get my conditions removed, then get divorced, what does it mean for citizenships? or if i don't get divorced, will she have to come to citizenship interview with me too?

  4. #14
    It looks to me that you have enough and good evidence, being a young couple USCIS does not expect you to own a house, or have thousands of dollars spread on bank accounts, and even life insurance would be ridiculous at that age if you don't have kids, so you should be fine..., did you send all of this with your I-751?

  5. #15
    yes I sent every single thing i could possibly think of that had both our names on it and all the pictures of us together and letters and such.

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