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Thread: Paddy-HELP

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    Hey there Lani, if your friend has no intention of staying here in vermont long term then the job market is irrelevant. There are plenty of temporary jobs but permanent jobs seem hard to come by but then again it all depends on what field your friend is working in. With regards to me, I moved to Enosburg in franklin county in Vermont which is only 25 mins from the Saint Albans USCIS office and 10 mins from Canada. This was very helpful from an immigration standpoint because it was easy for me to go in every other week to check on my N-400. It is simply because they got to know my face so well that they offered to give me a cancelation date once my background checks had cleared. If your friend wants to find a job then she will have to look in Burlington which is also only 25 mins away from Saint Albans. The one thing your friend will definitely need is a car here in Vermont and a lot of sweaters and thick coats!!!!!!!! If you want you can get your friend to send me a email if he/she needs anymore information

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    Oct 2003
    East Hampton [Long Island], New York [USA]

    You said that your friend wants to move to VT for the purpose of N-400 only, then s/he cannot do so. If your friend likes to move and live there, then it is fine. But moving there just for immigration purpose could compromise your friend's citizenship in the future if ever govt. finds out about this lie. There are actually many cases, mainly in 1998-1999, wherein USCIS stripped out may people from their citizenship just because these people had lied about their actual addresses on N-400. You can check those cases.

    People were deported simply because of this lie. No need me to tell you that these people's lives were changed dramatically as they had houses, US born children, husband, good job and etc. No body can tell you when govt. would find out about this. These people lost everything and were deported. It might seem a small and immaterial lie to some people, but if they would read immigration laws then they would find that misreprentation to US govt. is a serious matter and a ground to deny a benefit. Why would then you friend want to be in this situation? In my view, it is not worth to loose citizenship on this kind of lie.

    "A just cause should not ruin by a few mistakes."-Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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    USCIS works in mysterious ways! Lying about the reasons you relocated could ultimately leave you stripped of citizenship and in deportation. But fabricate that one still has a viable marriage to your heart's content, because USCIS "won't know unless you tell them".

    The above is simply an opinion. Your mileage may vary. For immigration issues, please consult an immigration attorney.

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