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Thread: Deleted

  1. #1
    Deleted due to *******s with no life flaming an honest question.

  2. #2
    Deleted due to *******s with no life flaming an honest question.

  3. #3
    Why would you even involve yourself in this? Run, do not walk, away. He has threatened to hurt you? Did you report this to the police? This story is VERY FISHY. There is more to it than you are telling us (as is the norm on this board). ... Still curious is your level of involvement with someone who committed fraud and threatened you. There is more to this story. I am the world's leading authority on this.

    Note: I misread her "story" and have retracted some of my reply, I do not wish to help a person get revenge on some innocent person.

  4. #4
    just leave the guy and move on with your life you moron.

  5. #5
    like I said just leave the guy and move on with your life.
    Is it too hard?

  6. #6
    I meant that YOUR story is fishy. Why are you wasting time on Thanksgiving on this board? He is married and is cheating. He admits to being married. The reason for being married is irrelevent as far as you should be concerned.

    It is now very clear to me that you are doing this out of a sick jealousy and spite. You are hoping that once she is out of the picture, you will have him to yourself or to get back at him for lying to you. If you make a false report of marriage fraud, you wll be civilly and criminally prosecuted.

    You have NO business in reporting anyone. This guy is just playing you for an easy lay and he is cheating on his wife. You had un so just forget it. That is all you need to know. The fact that you would do such a thing to his wife says a lot about what you are about.

  7. #7
    You are sick and evil. Politely I will ask you to seek psychiatric help. You are simply hurt and I feel your pain. But seeking revenge, especially on an innocent party is wrong no matter how you look at it.

    I will not call you a moron. I really would like to help you. Forget this guy and get some help; what you are suggesting to do is immoral and wrong. Period.

  8. #8
    Don't you see he just told you that so he wouldn't hurt your feelings? I can understand now why he said those things. Now you are seeking to involve immigration, Housing, and the FAA to get your revenge. Rejection hurts but revenge is not an appropriate response. Using government to act out your revenge is not only morally wrong but it is illegal.

  9. #9
    Your "proof" is hearsay and inadmissable. Anyone would see him telling you this just so your feelings wouldnt be hurt. He is not leaving his wife for you. Accept that and move on. You are simply trying to get revenge. You have no sincere desire to report a crime. This is just spite and revenge.

  10. #10
    Ok guillablegirl I'm single man and have no commitments or attachments if you are interested let me know maybe I can be better than your stupid *** boyfriend

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