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Thread: This is my situation

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    nevermind this board has went to hell no decent help anymore just personal attacks!

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    nevermind this board has went to hell no decent help anymore just personal attacks!

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    Use the edit button to make the title of your thread more specific to get more responses.
    Formerly Josephine Schmo

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    Gluibirne's hubby had to file for a waiver of inadmissibility I-601 because he entered and stayed in the U.S. illegally. After the interview it takes a few months to process this waiver that's why she went and stayed with him. If your hubby has no immigration or criminal issues he'll get his visa after the interview.

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    OK thank you so much sup...I am not married to himas of yet. I will going down there in Jan of 05. He has no convictions or criminal back round so that is good. Thank you so much for replying, after seeing alot of anger on this board I almost didn't post. So there are decent people still out there that aren't looking to fight LOL! Thanks so much.

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    No more fraudsters !!!

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    I cannot believe this ugly b a s t a r d keeps on posting.

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    Get off my board taco face; I challenge you to post your face and lets have a vote on who is more attractive !! Being an American, I have no doubt that I will win Get out of my country

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    Take the challenge or shut up

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