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Thread: Bush ordered 9/11

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    This is FALSE information, because I ordered it!
    I also ordered the Flodia hurricanes and the storm we just had here in the Bay Area.
    Now I order you to leave this forum and don't post here your idiotic B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T!

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    I ordered your mother to have an abortion, but not everyone follows orders

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    Well said - bmmer & Julie!!!

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    Love him or Hate him.
    STay away from conspiracy theories.

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    Coming from Itduzzz who's openly support his moslem & arab brethren to commit hideous terror act, what do you expect?

    Just look at this for example:

    Lets see, a woman who's doing nothing but charity work to help the most unfortunate of Iraqis, who herself is an Iraqi citizen, who has stayed there for 30yrs....yet the glorious pig headed brethren of Itduzzz saw nothing wrong with kidnapping & making a mockery out of her (and my guess, eventually chopped her head off like she's nothing but an animal).
    And to do it during Ramadhan of all time?? They still've the nerve to call themselves moslem? .... Well I guess they just ensure themselves a place in the bowel of hell courtesy of Muhammad.

  8. #8
    You can twist all you want Joe Schmoe, afterall you're pretty twisted and unstable yourself.
    And FYI, they have chopped people's head off during Ramadhan before.

  9. #9
    Spewing of garbage by calling someone a puppet isn't an insult? LOL, perhaps only in your demented mind.

    I already showed you once what a miserable person you're and how you're no more than an attention w-h-o-r-e that simply need helps. If you can't take it, better think twice before opening your yap again old hag.

    Here's another FYI, I couldn't care less about Dubya, considering the fine job he's doing a making a mess in this country. Of course he's done good things too, but ignorant people like you will only concentrating on the bad. Nevermind the fact you're an invalid who contribute nothing to society

  10. #10
    Well there is just too much Evidence that it is all a huge Coverup.

    I believe that Bush and CO did have a lot t o do with it .

    Maybe an OIL Deal gone Sour ????

    Here some very Interesting Facts:

    Watch it all the Way and think about it all.

    More FACTS are coming up all the Time , and i been following this for a Long Time.

    Pretty messed up how a President has to kill 1000s of innocent americans just to get his way of War Games

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