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Thread: Moving to Pakistan, what do I need to do?

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    I am a USC and plan to move to Pakistan with my husband. What do I need to do? I don't even have a passport. Does hubby have to go there first and apply for me? Clueless, please advise.

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    What? R u kidding? I cant believe it ? r u planning to move permanently ? ok I should just e mail u instead of writing here ...or chat sometime... Pasha

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    I am serious as a heart attack. I suppose we should wait till after he gets PGC? Grrrrr.

    Please advise.

  4. #4
    Jo....are you serious? Hmmm...I hope you will be happy for whatever decision you'll make Take care.

    Sure you will need a passport to go anywhere in the world. May be you need to call Pakistan embassy for further details on how to stay there.

    Good luck.

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    Well I can understand your reasoning. I too will be moving to be with my fiancee. Anyway you will need to apply for a passport here in the us, go on line and print off forms fill out take to your post office with copy of birh certificate and checks to cover costs. It will take about 12 weeks. Then when you get your passport you will need to apply for a visa to visit pakistan, if its anything like India you can get one that is good for up to 5 years. Just let the embassy know what you need the visa for and they will guide you as to what you need.

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    Josephine Schmo,

    There is really no need to wait until your husband gets his permanent green card as he will have been deemed to have abandoned his permanent resident status when he moves back to Pakistan. If you decide to move back to the US you will have to go through this whole procedure again. Except, this time he will have to file as a K-3 and you will have to either come back to the U.S. and get a job so you can sponsor him or you will have to find a co-sponsor. I would carefully consider your options before you make such a life-altering move as moving to Pakistan. If I was your attorney, I would advise that your husband stay in the US until he obtained USC - then he could move back to Pakistan and re-enter the U.S. whenever the two of you wanted to return. Remember to file for a re-entry permit when you leave in case you end up changing your mind. Good luck;-)

  8. #8
    Personally I think you make a grave error. Pakistan is nowhere near as stable as USA. The government is under military dictatorship, moslem extremist on the rist, the economy in dissaray, etc.
    Having said that, John Henry gave excellent pointer. If you leave now, all effort spent on your husband GC process will be for nothing.

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    Immigration in this country is such a mess that it would probably be better to wait until your husband is a USC to move.

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    I would take the car bombs with you and turn over the nuclear material and biologocal weapons to the local police

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