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Thread: I-751 Denied - In Deportation Proceedings - Please, help if you can... Thanks

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    Michael must be a REPUBLICAN - they all have the same I.Q. as BUSH.

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    Great thanks for your kind time and precious help...

    Here is some development... I have hired an Immigration Attorney... and have been told by my Congressman Office that everything will be alright...

    Sincy my wife has opened all the fronts... On Criminal Case Front, I took the deal offered by District Attorney to pleade guilty for "Disturbance of Peace" + 100 dollars restituion fee + 3 Years Informal Probation + Protective Orders sought by my wife + NO Anger Managment Classes or ANYTHING else - but - NOT to misdemeamors of "batter on spouse" and "child endangerment"... District Attorney dismissed both of the misdemanors... According to my Immigration Attorney, I will be alright since my Criminal Defense Attorney made sure that the District Attorney will only use General Plea Form but NOT the Domestic Violence one....

    You know what hurt the most that the District Attonrey was ready to dimiss EVERYTHING but my vindictive wife went on Friday and reported to the Cops that I "scratched" my own daughter while she was with me during visitation hours... I just couldn't believe that woman... She has taken everything from me but still eager to hurt me as much as she can...

    Now, I still have to deal with Family Law front and Immigration front...

    Once again, Thanks very much for everything...



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    Keep in touch with me man... I could give you still some tips to fight your family case, since I fought it on my own, without a lawyer, and I kick my exwife's attorney ***.

    Getting the congressman office to know about your case was very smart! I heard that once USCIS terminates an alien conditional resident status, although they should start removal proceedings immediately, they might not even start them and just leave you without status, for a while, which is very good, because then you will not be at the mercy of the Immigration Judge to grant you a continuance in order to have your divorce finalized.
    But in any event you must start aggresively in your divorce case, because you never know when you will get a 'Notice to Appear' from USCIS...and it better be when you have your divorce final.

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