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Thread: all Immigration questions will be answer

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    Have any questions I will gladly answer them

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    Have any questions I will gladly answer them

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    If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call 212-289-4680 or e-mail us at

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    Alright eternity, i will avail of this offer.
    3 questions --
    1. I have an approved LC from my previous employer. This employer is going under. What will I do with this LC? He offered to continue the I-140 but I am afraid it will be denied. what do you think? I am thinking of doing self-filing but heard it is difficult. (please read my other postiings - Mary23)

    2. my father sponsored us in 1992 (F3 - current is 11/8/90). All petition got approved and he died a year after. Will this petition be re-validated if i have a qualified substitute sponsor? what are the basis of denial or have you heard of any successful cases?

    3. which one should I continue labor based or family based. which of the above would i likely get my greencard faster. i have 245i. Thanks.

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    Okay I'll bite.

    In April 2003, I applied for a AOS for my daughter. I filed an I-130 and the 1-485 with all supporting documents (financial and medicals). On September 30, 2003, my daughter was interviewed for her green card and it was sitting on the officer's desk. My daughter answered all the questions and everything was fine and then the officer asked me if I was a citizen. I said "no" and that I had not filed as a citizen. She got twisted and bent and said that she could not "do this". She brought in 2 other Immigration officers who said something about immigration court. I said "What court? You made the mistake not me. We filed legally and truthfully and I would be happy to let the judge know that." So they then said that they would accept the I-130. Don't leave the country and they would write to us. Not a word for 2 years and then in August 2005 the NVC sent papers and asked for $380. We fillled in the papers and sent the money. They then sent more papers about an interview. But there was a 2 page attachment about having to go to Montreal for the interview. I want to know why and if she really has to go to Montreal for the interview when they can probably do it in our local area. Can she not adjust status at the district office? She is legally all ready in the US

    Thank you eternity

    Thank you so much for your help.

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    The best is to let the employer finish the process.

    Since your father pass away there is nothing that could be done.

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    How is your daugther legall her??????

  8. #8

    were are you from??

    Is the 2 page attachment the DS-230??

    The $380.00 should be for the visa..

  9. #9
    I have quit my job from this employer (with approved LC) about 5 months now, what documents will I support. The employer though willing to continue but will not pay for the processing, lawyer's fees, etc. Is this worth trying?
    Is it possible to have another employer file i-140 for me using this LC? Thank you very much.

  10. #10

    You are lucky he is willing to continue. Our experience here is that the employer does not pay for the fees and once you stop working for him he stops helping..

    I would say that it is worth to continue with the process even if you pay for everything...


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