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Thread: I751

  1. #1
    Hi every body ,this is my second time asking this
    But any body have any idea that ususally how long it takes to get the result of I 751 in california

  2. #2
    In the latest update (Dec 19/03), USCIS is reporting January 16, 2003 as the current processing date for I-751s at CSC. You can always check on your own by going to the USCIS web site and looking up processing dates.

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    Hey Doc,

    You have been told here and again ... why don't you call them up and ask...give it a try even if they don't answer u with any satisfaction ... or take help of congressman .... Good luck ...Pasha

  4. #4
    By the way I wanna ask you something not related to immigration ... I couldn't get State approval from California board in time this year... can I change / transfer my residency program next year if I want to move there... ? Would appreciate ur reply if u know something about it since u r in California ... Pasha

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