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Thread: what happens if second interview is not satisfactory?

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    what happens if a second interview on a marriage based petition is not satisfactory? will there be any court or what?

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    what happens if a second interview on a marriage based petition is not satisfactory? will there be any court or what?

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    You probably get a second interview or they ask you to go get more documents and give you a new date, and that specific date is not counted. The next time, they expect you to be more prepared. You get work permit and all that stuff in the interim.

    This rarely happens, especially if your marriage is less than 2 years old on the date of the interview because you will still need to remove conditions 1 year and 9 months after the date you are admitted for permanent residence which is the date that will be stamped on your passport on the date of your first interview.

    By the way, the first interview is the one you should carry as much paperwork as possible because it opens your file and if you make a very good impression to the interviewer that first time, its likely you will be smooth sailing even when it comes to remove conditions coz lots of the evidence will already be in your file.

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    I had the first interview 14 motnhs ago. now the file is in special operation unit(means second inteview) . the first interview was not successful. I do have EAD. should I be scared because I have got second interview? Sammy scared me with his comment on my case.

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    One more thing. Do they do every second interview in Special Operation Unit(fraud unit)?or only some of these second interviews are done by this unit?

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    What qns did they ask you in the 2nd interview? Did you pass?

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    From my personal experience, if after the second interview there's still some element of suspicion a home visit may be next, mine came 3 years after the second interview.

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    you are not giving full details...and usually when people do that its a scam involved...if you have a hard time proving on the marriage interview,your marriage is true...and get a 2nd interview and u ask here what will happen etc...only a guilty person asks that.

    Like i said all the time...if the marriage is truly real, u do not need a phd to realize right away the couple walking in to the ins office is based on true feelings....
    they already habe stuff about you guys before u even start the interview and even get there...

    what country r u from? how long have u guys dated and seen eachother before u guys got married???? if u already have problems asnwering these questions aka give slacking answers,then my friend u won't even pass the 2nd interview.

    And this should remind all the doubters out there....getting married is will never ever be a sure thing "i can and be here in the usa,just because i got married" reality will soon hit u in the face...if its a shame marriage

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