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Thread: USC pregnant woman with illegal father--need advice real bad!!!only constructive comments please!

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    If anyone could help me on this issue i'd appreciate it...
    I am A United states born woman who is 19 and I have been with my boyfriend who is illegal from Mexico for the past few years. I got pregnant 6 months ago and I am now in my last trimester. I live in the state of Minnesota and I am wondering if when the child is born and they want us to sign the birth certificate, should i have him sign it? I am on medical assistance through my state and I am worried that if they find out who the father is they will find out he is illegal and working illegally and report him to the INS...this would make living hard for me and my child without his income or without him emotionally because i love him. we wanted to get married before but because i got pregnant we thought it would complicate things. I just don't want him to sign the birth certificate because he and I are both waiting for 245i to come back in effect(HOPEFULLY) within the next few years. We both love eachother too much and we love this baby...
    my other question is, if I am USC and even though he is an illegal alien(he entered the us without inspection) after the child is born is there anything I can legally do to get him legal so he can stay here with me and help support his child??Can I apply for adjustment of status if the child is born and i marry him? should i get a lawyer? would this help???he does not have a criminal record at all.He came here at age 16 and is now 23 and he hadnt planned on staying here this whole time untill he met me and now he is going to have a child!
    Please,someone help me or direct me to someone who can help...i am desperate and I will not give up untill all else fails. Please, if you are anti immigrant or want to give negative feedback please dont respond, i am only looking for help and constuctive answers!!thanx.
    pregnant gal
    "AUTUMN REYES", if you still look at these posts email me, i have a new number.

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    I don't think there is a law to prevent him from puting his name on the baby's birth certificate.
    you can marry him and file for his adjustment of status but since he entered here without inspection it's kind of hard. you will need to file a waiver too.
    check with some lawyers to have a real true fact. some lawyers offer free consultation and also payment facilities and i think it's not bad.
    good luck to you and to your baby

  3. #3
    aaa, they'll deport the poor illegal Mexican guy if they figure out he's illegally in the U'S.

  4. #4
    Yes I am still on here. I give the advice of him not signing the birth certifcate.....because of the reasons I had explained before.....The waiting game for the 245I is a wishy washy one. Who knows when it will come back.....I am now looking at the prospect of going to Mexico marrying my boyfriend and then filing the I-30(I believe it is) or I-29 which ever needs to be filled out. And then playing the game of getting him here legally....right now this seems to be my only option.....I spoke to a lawyer that this whole process would have him in Mexico at a MAXIMUM of 1 year....thats the max...I think it will be shorter...I am thinking of going and doing this in February...hopefully with him here by December of 2003.........The wait ***** but in the end it will be well woth it....I dont like the chances of the 245 to come back............If he signs the birth certificate that is SOLID proof that he has been in the country and been here illegally. Its a big decision and I know that its not an easy one but you will come to the right answer....just think before you act....I lost your e-mail but if you still have mine please e-mail me!!!!Good Luck to you

  5. #5
    There is nothing like puting the name and sign birth certificate he will be deported...he will notbe deported.
    Tupe your email I will send you what Law say with advice, He has to go back + more.

  6. #6
    all applications for ins require at least a 5 year history of working/living. If you lie on the applications that's a permanent ban. Your lawyer suggests lying to ins? And he says it's a 1 year MAX he will be away? I would think that's the minimum, applying for a 601 waiver alone is like 9 months, plus the time to process your i-130,I-129f/k3 (if married) or k1 visa... BTW I am not sure he could apply for a waiver since it has to show hardship to a USC (his baby or wife) not him...

    Good luck, but talk to different lawyers on this issue.

  7. #7
    First of all, ignore the hatefull posts you've been receiving; these are miserable people, hurting from their personal failures and mishaps and all they have to give and spread is their pain. Secondly, you've got to clearly evaluate what is important for your child at this time (not so much for you or your boyfriend):

    I would definitly have HIM SIGN the birth certificate of the child for various reasons:

    - nothing is more painfull to a child who doesn't have the confirmation of both parents to be committed to him/her being alive !

    - when your boyfriend establishes his status someday here in the U.S. (and I'm pretty sure that that is a possibilty in the near or far future, but probably not so much now), you will not be able to request support for the child if he hasn't been determined as the biological father. The easiest and least expensive way for that is right now to simply have him sign the birth cert.

    - Vital stats and INS usually do not exchange information on alien status. I highly doubt that signing the birth cert would trigger a removal order, but it could benefit him in the future (especially in his adjustment procedure)

    Your boyfriend came uninspected, but he was a minor, the laws are pretty strict at this time but there are waivers available. He doesn't qualify for them at this time, but may be eligable in a few years (and the laws will change by then, too). It is to your and your child's avantage to have him sign the birth cert more than it is to him! Good luck with everything and congratulations!

  8. #8
    I doubt anything will be gained by having him sign the birth certificate. You can add his name to it later anyway (a simple affidavit). If he goes back to Mexico now, you can try to sponsor him to enter legally and he can wait here. Staying here takes the risk every day that he and/or his employer could be checked. He's working illegally, probably driving illegally, etc. or someone else could report him.

    Where are the "hateful" responses? Looks to me like some just have a different opinion on the best advice to give. Also, more and more are being taken to INS after even a traffic ticket, so you can't rely on not getting caught for years and years.

  9. #9
    Well said "Doubt It"!

  10. #10
    First, I would take the advice Mohan will give. He knows what he is doing. If Mohan advises that he sign the birth certificate and this will not risk his future legal status, I think he should sign it for one main reason: child support. I don't want to be the voice of doom, but in case things don't work out between you, and I hope they do, he is responsible for that child and for supporting him/her, and you will be able to get that support if he is listed as the father. Good luck.

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