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Thread: illegal possession

  1. #1
    If an illegal alien gets caught with 4oz of drugs of his own personal use. Does he automatically lose his rights to apply for any kind of citizenship?

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    If an illegal alien gets caught with 4oz of drugs of his own personal use. Does he automatically lose his rights to apply for any kind of citizenship?

  3. #3
    4 oz for personal use? ahahahaahahaha!

    Sweet Madame Belu

  4. #4
    28 grams (1 oz) is the dividing line that will cause big problems for people who are legally... The 'possesion' of a quarter-pound will indeed make citizenship or any other life here in the US impossible for someone who is not here legally.


  5. #5
    OK, I plead ignorance here, but doesn't it matter what kind of drug it is? Isn't an ounce of one thing a lot more than an ounce of another? I used to know someone years ago that smoked pot and kept what I know was a lot more than an oz. He did that so that he bought very rarely and he said that's when the risk of getting caught was. I would think I'd know more than I do about that but it made me nervous.

  6. #6
    There is a line that crossed from 'personal use' to intent of trafficking. I believe thats 28 grams although it could be less. If he got caught near a school or church, the felony points go up more still. He needs a lawyer

  7. #7
    The amount probably differs in each state as well as the Federal law.

  8. #8
    - An illegal alien is removable as is.
    - With a criminal charge (drug trafficking, a federal aggravated felony as far as I understand) in the air, the removal will most likely occur before there is a chance to get the criminal procedures started!
    - No appeal in immigration courts, is avaible to illegal aliens who are immediatly removable (expedited removal).
    - U.S. citizenship (as I gather most citizenships of this world's nations) is a privilege, not a right!

  9. #9
    That is 28 grams of Marijuana. There certainly is a big difference what drug it is - an ounce of Cocaine would very likely earn you a very lengthy jail term and a special escort out of the country at the end of that sentence.


  10. #10
    I'll add another side point - if you check out the medical form that is used when dealing with an AOS process, you will see that Drug Addiction is right up there along with TB and HIV as reasons to deny immigration benefits.

    Just something to think about...


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