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Thread: Mohan, plse I need ur advise

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    I was married on 21.October 1996.
    I received my very first green card (A # 075-441-995) on 26.June 1999 and it was valid until 26.June 2000.
    Approximately 6 month before my green card expired I applied for my permanent green card. I send my application, via registered mail, to the INS Texas. After 14 days my application came back with the remark that I applied too early.
    I applied again in April 2000 and again I send my application, via registered mail, to the INS Texas.
    In September 2001 I had to go to the INS Tampa to get a stamp in my passport that allows me to leave the country to visit Germany.
    I also asked the INS officer about my permanent green card. The gentlemen looked into his computer and told me, that my green card was approved but he could not tell when it would be going in the mail.
    I moved to Dunedin in December 2001 and gave written notice regarding my change of address (via registered mail) to the INS Tampa and to the INS Texas.
    Approximately 3 weeks later I received a letter from the INS Texas, stating that I would receive my permanent green card in approximately 3 weeks, which was not the case.
    Furthermore I received a letter from the INS Tampa, stating that I have to be there with my husband regarding an interview. At the INS Tampa I was told that my permanent green card was denied because of my change of address and the separation from my husband.
    The Lady also told me, that she would keep my application on file, in case my husband and I decide to get together again. So she/I could use the same application again.

    Now my question:

    Is it possible for me to get a divorce, after 6 years of marriage, without having problems getting my permanent green card, or is there a possibility that the INS will basically deny my permanent green card?

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    still waiting on any reply ...sigh.
    ANY help gratly appreciated.

  3. #3
    IT looks like you have conditional GC. Condition has to be remove first, and it should be after two years of marriage, there willbe no problem if you are not seperated within two years of marriage.
    IF you are, then the marriage is not treated as bonafide and entered in good faith, its questionable by INS.

  4. #4
    Whats a GC? There are many abbreveations and I have no clue what it means. Is there a place to check those out?
    Does that mean: I "have" to get a divorce and I have to fill out "the complete paperwork" again?
    Thank you so much

  5. #5
    GC=Green card

  6. #6
    Does that mean: I "have" to get a divorce and I have to fill out "the complete paperwork" again?

  7. #7
    you have to stay married and live with your husband for 3 years before the condition on CG be removed. The removal of the condition is not automatic, you have to file a request for its removal. After the removal is granted, then you do whatever you want with your marital life.

  8. #8
    You are currently separated from your spouse and the date of separation is important, as far as assessing when the marriage "ended."

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