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Thread: Got my SS Card

  1. #1
    Hi guys,

    Just an update, got my SS Card via mail today! Its only 4 working days since I applied at the SS office.

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    Hi guys,

    Just an update, got my SS Card via mail today! Its only 4 working days since I applied at the SS office.

  3. #3
    Congratulations! That's a great feeling I know; my husband was so excited to get his back in 2001. His came within a week or two as well - not like some of the waits people here have posted about.

  4. #4

    I HAVE TO COME DOWN TO BALTIMORE FOR THAT! WOW AWESOME ME2... 4 DAYS... WOW... I hope the rest will go as smooth as this...
    SEMPER VIPER / Army Strong!

  5. #5
    LOL Bushmaster I hope yours will be smooth too. Well, all my waiting from BCIS almost done, just need to go for my interview end of the year, then get my passport stamp (hopefully). But most of all...I can start WORK! Yes work, work, work I am on 'holidays' almost 8 months need to make myself busy again.

    How's ur EAD stuff? Did you settle your RFE yet?

    Have a nice day.

  6. #6
    My attorney received the documents we sent, it is just a matter of him sending them in and wait.

    I did what I can, right? Now it is his turn...
    SEMPER VIPER / Army Strong!

  7. #7

  8. #8
    Congratulations, Me2.
    Good luck.

  9. #9

    Why some ppl have the written 'valid for work only with INS authorization'? and why some people do not have that? Just out of curiousity

    Anyway thanks Bushmaster, Jo and others . Hope you guys will have smooth journey too.

  10. #10
    The only time people would be able to get or able to request to remove the said remark 'Valid for work only with INS authorization' when they'll become a permananant resident, otherwise receiving a SS# in any other situation is temp. in nature which is subject to cancellation if their temp. status is ended-up/revoked/denied.

    As you know, some nonimmigrant-visa holders [like F-1] are allowed to work, that's why they can have SS# for work so long their visas are good. As well, anybody can get EAD as long as they have pending I-485 and thereafter, based upon such EAD, they can able to get SS#, but it doesn't mean that they have any 'LEGAL STATUS' here except 'APPLICANT FOR ADJUSTING STATUS', because if their I-485 is denied then EAD, Advance Parole or any other INS documents in their custody would be void altogether right away, because those documents were initially based upon pending I-485.

    Since employers are required to see actual SS# to hire an individual, and if someone's SS card is stating the said remark then that individual needs to show legal authorization for work [like EAD, certain valid nonimmigrant visas, or some kind of legal authorization from govt.], otherwise employer won't hire that person because hiring a person knowing that s/he doesn't have a valid work authorization is a federal offence. So,the purpose of such remark is to single-out temp. individual than permanent one, that's about it.

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