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Thread: ttttttttttttttt

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    Hi JohnDoe,
    I dont know answer to your question as it depends upon center and may be luck...but can you please tell me when did u file your I-751 ? I dont think those dates are accurate as I read experiences on other website where people got approved within 2 months even if they filed in this year and some of them are still waiting from the last year....thank you.Pasha

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    On 10/15/03 TSC was processing I-751s dated 11/13/2002. As of 11/20/03 they were processing 12/18/2002. Looks to me like they moved about a month in a month. Not sure why you thought they haven't moved?

    I submitted my I-751 4/16/03 and received NOA 4/28/03. Nothing since. In recent weeks I've seen someone from January/03 and two others from March/03 approved on this and other sites.

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    Hi John...

    I pulled one of my posts up for u... and here is the link...

    have a good night. Pasha

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    Hi JohnDoe,

    You can get the current processing times at numerous sites. Here's the main one.

    As far as calling Texas, the USCIS discontinued that option several months ago. All you can do is call the National Service Center (which is next to useless). The people that get approved in 2 months are very rare exceptions (I've only seen 2 examples of that and I've been following this pretty closely for the past year). I suggest you figure on at least 10-12 months (and that is quick relative to VSC, for example)

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    the phone #from texas214 381 7345

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    It should be the most up-to-date site since it belongs to the USCIS! You might as well get it directly from the horse's mouth...

    Good luck. You never know - you might be one of the lucky few who gets pulled out of order for whatever reason.

    P.S. If it makes you feel any better the processing dates on Feb 15/2003 were only 9/13/02. So from February until October we moved 2 months but in the past month we moved over a month. A little glimmer of hope?

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    hey john...keep us updating after you call them...good request...i would like to read ur previous posts but cant find it anywhere so if u wanna e mail me ...its if you posted under different id ...u can e mail it to me at i will appreciate it...THANK YOU...pasha

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    Pasha. ur slipping the thread was "Marriage problems after filing I-751" back around mid November . You and JohnDoe have common scenario as I recall in your answers to him.

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