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Thread: Re-entry permits to preserve green card.

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    How long the green card holder can stay outside the U.S after they apply for re-entry permit to preserve their green card?

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    How long the green card holder can stay outside the U.S after they apply for re-entry permit to preserve their green card?

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    Found this. Hope it helps.

    The primary rule of traveling with a green card is that you should return to the United States within one year of your departure. If you remain outside of the United States for more than one year on a single trip, USCIS assumes that you have abandoned your permanent residence here. You will have to apply for a returning resident visa at the nearest U.S. consulate.

    If you plan on applying for U.S. citizenship in the future, each trip should not last more than six months, and you should remain in the U.S. for at least half of your citizenship qualifying time (18 months out of three years or 30 months out of five years).

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    If and when the re-entry permit gets approved, it should have the expiration date on the re-entry permit. You must come back before that date.

    Also, along the lines of what Proud says, staying outside for 2 years will affect your eligibility for citizenship.

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    One of my friend early this year was stopped at POE (JFK) and was told that now LPR can stay out side of US for six months and not one year, however, he was allowed entry and warned for future.

    Can any one confirm this change?

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    Any more time outside the U.S. than 6 months will get you a warning at the POE. If you establish the pattern of residing overseas, then you can be denied entry and placed in proceedings. A reentry permit only works for so long. After four years of using the reentry permit, CBP will take action and place you in proceedings. You cannot live forever overseas with the reentry permit. If you have abandoned your residence and have no clear plans with evidence to return you can still be placed in proceedings.

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    Prior to this verbal waring at the POE, so far there is no rules in regards to your travel the same time if you are traveling on LPR status on your I-551(Green Card) you better be back within six months....
    In case you want to stay more then six months you better have your Permit To Re-Enter the United States. which is valid for one year from the date of issuance.
    You do not preserve the Green Card.

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    Just remember, a year or more and you need an SB-1 visa (IV for lpr who abandoned residence) or a Re-Etnry Permit, which is valid for 2 years. However, after one Re-Entry Permit, you can still be placed in proceedings if you don't have the proveable intent to return in a timely manner. So there will not be any infinite number of Re-Entry permits issued to you so you can live indefinately overseas.

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