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Thread: Phone call after detention

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    After ICE detained an illegal alien for immigration violation does ICE let the person make a local call phone? Is it free? Or he only allowed making collect call?

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    After ICE detained an illegal alien for immigration violation does ICE let the person make a local call phone? Is it free? Or he only allowed making collect call?

  3. #3
    The alien usually gets unlimited calls; there are phones in most ICE detention facilities accessable 24/7. Local calls are free, long distance must be by phone card or collect.

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    He can make all the calls he wants, anywhere, anytime, just charge them to renegade neighbor, kollerkraut, mani, drooling wolf, the pakistani aka Brit, or abercrumbling (although this jackass is only conversant with smoke signals) but illegals can't be choosers right? Start making those calls with the compliments of the aforementioned commie pinko liberals.

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    Ok, ok, enough. Aside from your hate-filled posts, what sensible ideas do you have? C'mon, let's see.

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    Only Collect calls once he`s in Detention center

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    what hate-filled posts commie pinko? I call them as I sees them. And because you have no retention I shall tell you for the 100th time that illegals should leave. Illegals are criminals, they CHOOSE to break the law. How much is this criminal costing us? what about the 14 million besides this dumbass? I shall post whatever I want, if you don't like it, don't read it and report me to your Kommissar.

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    Hahaha! Your posts can't be referred to as amorous in any way, I mean, excluding your almost-carnal adulation of S12 of course. But because this forum is not moderated, I can bash your posts as much as I want too. If you don't like it you can report me to S12.

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    non of the above answers is correct. he only get to make two calls a day ( up to ten minutes ) they sell phone cards at the detention center ( $5 ,$10 ,$20 ) and if he/she run out of credit he can make collect calls ( nothing is free )

  10. #10
    and your posts Renegade Neighbor are an ode against everything that is decent, lawful and patriotic. Ihe rest of your subjective comments are totally out of place, therefore, I shall ignore them. By the way commie-pinko, I can defend myself, not like the syrian abercrumbling who runs to you crying like the coward that he is :2crying

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