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Thread: to umesh

  1. #1
    Hi umesh
    I have been reading this board for som etime and came to know u r an indian. I am from India and have LL.B. from India. Will be doing LL.M. from chicago this fall. I was wondering since u look like u have some legal background if u could give some info on the jobs availability and if i should go ahead and spend so much amt on LL.M. I understand this is a immigration board but i had no other way to contact u.
    thanks a lot

  2. #2
    System is different then INdia here. You have to take Bar exam here. LLB, And LLM is basically indian Law Degrees. You have to get further study.

  3. #3
    i have got LL.B. from India but will be doing LL.M. here in chicago. basically to take extra 20 credits that r required for me to take the bar. my ques is abt the job prospects . is it worth going into so much trouble?

  4. #4
    umesh why aren't u replying to my post?

  5. #5
    Amita Listen,

    Umesh has some other things to do. Right??? It is not India where you have lots of land for cultivation, need not to do anything for living.
    In USA, he has to do something to live on.

    I guess he is busy with his profession. He just spend some spare time here.

  6. #6
    To guest.
    Don,t bad mouth INDIA, and not to be racist. Due to these problems we lost many intelligent people.
    Yes Amrite, its worth it , Job market For Attorney is very good if you are in Big cities. There are many jobs for LLM. you can even have your own practice after residency with some well know Law firm.

  7. #7
    To Amita:
    I am sorry, I could not respond earlier.
    I am glad that you are doing LL.M. to persue your legal carrier here, I wish you best of luck. I hope in your LL.M. studies you will also take Immigration Law so that in addition to making money you can also serve the community.
    If you can, you can also devote sometime to this board for benefit of others.
    Chicago is a big City. I think you should not have any problem in getting job in some Law Firm. It will be better, if you will look for job in some Personal Injury Attorney's Office preferably American Attorneys. You will get job easily and will acquire lot of knowledge there while communicating with their Indian & Pakistani Clients in their mother tongue.
    If you do not want to take LL.M. Then you should check with some other States, which will not require 20 credits here, you can take Bar Exams. directly. For that you should write to all State Board of Bar Examiners with a request letter to allow you to take Bar Exam. explaining you education and experience and by sending them evaluation of your Credentials.
    If you would have to take Bar Exam in some other State than where you want to Practice then your practice will be limited only to Federal Courts like Immigration, Bankruptcy and other Federal offenses.
    Good luck.

  8. #8
    to, umesh and others thanks for replying to my mail. I am feeling better now that i have ur +ve replies. I shall be taking immigration as one of the courses and will definitely contribute to this forum. thanks again.
    hey umesh , u dont have to say sorry. I was just being impatient.

  9. #9
    To Amita:
    Thanks Amita. I will appreciate, if you will start posting your reply from now and share your experience with others and give them some legal advise, if you can.
    Good luck

  10. #10
    hey i started already. but u gotta correct me if i go wrong somewhere. I am only learning immigration Law.

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