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View Poll Results: I have been married to a citizen for five years and have a chile together, but didn't filed for the

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  • You should have applied for the green card while you were in Usa but anyway Good luck!!

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Thread: married but got do i come back now?

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    where is your child now? With you or in the US? How did this process go for you?

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    Come on now. how do u expect us to respond to you if you havent given particulars??

    Are you and undocumented alien, or did you come in on a visa legal and it expired.

    Is your husband and you still having bonafide marriage. Is your child with you or USA with husband.

    What were circumstances that came to be that got you deported. Were u arrested for crime? etc.

    Answer these questions and will proceed from there.

    What is the point of your poll????? What purpose does it serve

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    Hi sweet,

    Plz give us details ... how did you entered USA first? Why did you get deported? Give us the reason... where is your child right now? For how long you have been out of status if you entered USA with inspection ??? or illegal entry? Then you will get useful answers... good luck...

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    regardless you have a long wait ahead of you. if you came undocumented u have snowball's chance in hell before you come back.. if you came legal and just never adjusted status, you still have fight with 601 waiver after your spouse files the K petition. have him/her start the K3 visa, get it to your consulate which they will force you to file a 601 waiver, then get your lawyer... you'll pay righteous bucks for the lawyer, might as well do what you can on your own.

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    It does sound like you might need to file the I-601 and/or the I-212. Ths I-601 would be for over a year of unlawful presence and the I-212 might be for the deportation. It depends where you live for how long this would take... but I would say about 1-1.5 years appears to be the average.

    The good news is that when it is all over, you would be able to enter as a permanent resident!!

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    You will eventually be able to come back, it will just be a long process. We need more information about your situation in order to help you.
    Have a nice day

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