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Thread: Divorce case pending due to Immigration Status

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    My divorce case was filed in 2008 and its still pending after months of court visitation. I married my x-girlfriend, who has a 4 year old child from me, in 2008. She is a US citizen but I am not. She requested through her attorney that I must pay child support and Judge demand me to do so.
    I had my Labor approved in 2005. My company closed in 2007. I was sponsored by a company in 2001 under 245 (i) of April 30th, 2001. After I revealed my immigration status to the judge , he instructed me to find sponsors within 4 months, otherwise I have to pay child support based on my previous W2s. I had worked for a year in 2006 when I had my work permit.
    Three months have passed looking for sponsorship in this kind of economy. And I can’t afford to hire attorney, any help would be appreciate.
    I have been in US for 18 years and I have BS degree from US university.

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    As an illegal alien you cannot work and the judge cannot order you to work illegally.

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    You can not find job and you cannot work for any employer either. there is no source of income, you will not be able to pay the child support.
    Not paying child support is not a good thing but if you cannot get a job then judge cannot order child support. maximum he can do is, establish child support based upon W2 OF PREVIOUS YEAR AND SUSPEND CHILD SUPPORT.
    Its a discussion, not a legal advise..

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