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Thread: LPR wants to Petition Common Law Wife Instead of Legal Wife

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    I am an LPR and I wish to file a petition for my common law wife in the Philippines instead of my legal wife. Is there any way I could do this?

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    I am an LPR and I wish to file a petition for my common law wife in the Philippines instead of my legal wife. Is there any way I could do this?

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    just to provide additional information - i have not been divorced from my legal wife (there's no divorce in the Philippines). I have been with my common law wife for ~5yrs and have kids with her.

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    Bigamy is an offence in the United States and when you had applied for your LPR you had given an undertaking that you will not practice bigamy.
    You must have stated on your Visa Forms that you are married and who is your wife and how many children you have, whether from your legal wife or out of wedlock.
    So, my friend you have already committed a crime........

  5. #5
    Thanks Umesh for your reply,so now Im in this situation,Is there anything I can do or Is there any chances for me to bring them here even Im still married with my first wife yet we are separated for 8 years?

  6. #6
    Just to make it clear - I am not married to my common law wife - bigamy is an offense in the Phils. We went together when I split up with my legal wife.

  7. #7
    Only way for you is that you should get divorce from your legal wife. Since you are not living with her for the last over 8 years. You can file a Divorce petition in Phillpines and get divorce from your legal wife. Thereafter you can marry your girlfriend (so call common law wife) and sponsor her and your children. Since in your Immigration Papers you are married, as such, you must get a divorce from the Court there before proceeding further.

  8. #8
    There is no divorce in the Philippines.

    If you can't divorce, you cannot remarry.

    Just carry on the way you are. At least you have LPR.

    I know of Americans who can never bring their Filipino loved ones here because of previous marriages. INS and DOS look for this one. Eg. the legal names of declared children.

  9. #9
    Thanks for your replies.What if I became a US citizen,is there any chances at all?Since theres no divorce in Phippines,can I file a divorce here in US so I can marry my common law wife and bring here with me?Is that possible and what are the preceedings?Thanks

  10. #10
    You need a divorce lawyer. I believe that if you are a LPR and you spouse does not want to join you in USA, those would be legal grounds for separation.

    If your spouse does not contest it, divorce may be easier for you in USA.

    PS You need a divorce lawyer who has experience in Filipino law also.

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