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Thread: Question of Day

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    Name an organization that may have legally seperated millions of families. And, very possibly they are not going to be accounted for it.

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    Name an organization that may have legally seperated millions of families. And, very possibly they are not going to be accounted for it.

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    you may think the answer is the INS; it is not. The INS has not separated families; certain immigration laws may have this effect. However, many such separated families put themselves in that situation because one member of said family (the green card holder, for example) scammed their way to the US, eventually got a gc thru some loophole and then tries to get the rest of his/her family over to the US - but discovers that there is a limited number of immigrant visas. Well, that is life.
    As far as those aliens who have committed fraud or something worse and are therefore ineligible for a visa, or for those who have sneaked across our borders or violated visa laws, well, THEY created the separation, not the INS, not the US, not the embassies. Only the person who is staring back at themselves in the mirror. It is tiresome to hear people whine about "unfair laws" etc, when the root of much of their problems began with at least one or more transgression. There is your answer.

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    Dear Someone,

    Please, please answer this question-

    If there is no proper law and order placed into the country, who will you blame? The people or the government? What do you have to say about people getting married in a good faith and are compelled to be away from their spouses and families?? INS/Dept of States should catch the bad ones, not make others' lives miserable for nothing they have done.

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    to "Hello" -- there is law and order in the US. USC's can file papers for their spouses or parents and only have to wait a few weeks (generally) for the paperwork to be completed.
    LPR's (green card holders) must wait longer if they marry AFTER they have a gc. This happens because Congress establishes the number of immigrant visas that can be issued annually in certain categories. LPR spouse/children, older than 21 unmarried sons/daughters of Amcits, brothers/sisters of Amcits are numerically limited - and this is by Congress, not INS, not the State dept.
    However, for those, as I mentioned in the first posting, who have scammed a green card and marry, find out that they have a long wait ahead of them. But, they are not Amcits yet, so, the full privileges of that status do not apply.
    For those who have violated one or more of our laws, and therefore may be ineligible or inadmissable (for a visa or to be allowed in the US), well, WHO caused that problem??? It was NOT INS, NOT the Dept of State; it was (99%) the result of the particular individual having had violating one or more US laws. Period.
    If you think that waivers should be automatic, how is there supposed to be any level of control over who enters our country?
    If people break our laws, they should expect a penalty. If people play by the rules, they will (generally) have little difficulty obtaining the benefit(s) they are entitled to.
    But those who have decided to obey our laws in a selective fashion, well, too bad for them.
    Pay the penalty and stop griping.
    It would be wrong to blame INS, State nor any other federal agency for separation. Most of what I have read on this or other sites has shown me that the people who whine the most about our "unfair and harsh" laws are either the alien who violated them or someone who (sometimes foolishly) married this same transgressor and wants an "instant pardon." In real life, if you married a bank robber, do you think that (if he was caught) he should be pardoned so as to avoid separation? Probably not. So why should other law breakers get a better benefit?
    It is true that INS takes a lot of time to process paperwork, but most of the complaints you read or hear about involve those who have violated (or have a relationship with someone who has done so) and think that their spouse/bf/gf should not only get off scott-free, but that it should happen quickly,
    But what do you say to those who have not violated the laws and see the scam artists getting green cards via sham marriages or other avenues? Is that fair?
    If LPR's are unhappy that their spouse/children may have to wait for an immigrant visa, they should write Congress, not INS nor the State dept.

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    Your answer to the question of the day is fantastic.However you did not address the long delays at BCIS. Not evry applicant is useing some lophole. If in all the years of the existance of the INS now BCIS, there are still lophile for immigrants to explore, what does that tell us?

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    I cannot provide any meaningful response about the delays at BCIS - they have mountains of paperwork to cope with - not enough people nor enough who are trained properly. This is a sad fact of life.
    As far as loopholes, etc, well, it is a matter (I think) of political will - while there are laws about enforcement, it doesn't seem to happen in a uniform fashion. Bogus marriages abound - which then often allows the former illegal to get some kind of waiver - while they complain about "how long it takes..." from the scam artist!!!!!!!!!!!
    There are of course, many industries that use (and abuse) illegals - a situation I would like to see corrected. Slowly some rules are changing which will, in theory ,close some of the loopholes and make it more difficult for people to obtain visas and to abuse them. But it will take a while.
    I believe that enforcement should begin immediately - if the visa holder says that they are going to be a tourist for 3 weeks, then admit them for say, 4 weeks. NO adj of status, no change of status without more background checks. Overstays should be sent home and made to stay home for a certain amount of time (relative to the overstay time) and make it stick. No waivers just because they run off and get married. I am not saying to permanently exclude all of them, just kick 'em in the rear good and hard when they do break the rules. This might encourage more folks to be honest, do what they say, and then enjoy the privileges of visiting or living (legally) in the US.

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    Well said, 'someone'. I agree with you 100%, but just want to add my thought that govt should stop any kind of immigration at least for 10-15 yrs otherwise those days are not far when this country would be same of other country which is struggling for food, resources, crimes and all kind of serious problems, and than there won't be another america for us or other to live for better life.

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