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Thread: A very good representation for our Americans

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    Hey, are you Jay? If so lets get moving on the subject that we talked about before.

  4. #4
    "Disobeying Authority"???

    WTF kind of dumb laws do they have there? If i accidentally step on a cop's foot, they'll arrest me and deport me too?

    Who needs Brazil. We don't need their *****s anyways.

    -= nav =-

  5. #5
    Nope. Your right Moondin. Who needs Brasil? Do you drink coffee? Do you wear gold? Do you write on paper? Do you use medicine? Shut up!

  6. #6
    P.S. Moondin, the majority of Victoria's Secret models you goggle at are also Brasilians. Who needs YOU?

  7. #7
    If Brazil didn't exist -- We'd just get the women from Spain and Brazil and Argentina. Big whoppee.

    medicine, paper, gold, coffee? What on earth are you talking about? All those come from columbia, canada, us, mexico and africa.

    -= nav =-

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    Moondin. You summed up your short spanned intelligence in one post. Congratulations.

  9. #9
    Do you do cocaine? Do you buy modified AK47's? Yes yes we all need brazil..

  10. #10
    That was a good one Julie. Do our kids rip through schools killing everyone and then themselves?

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