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Thread: Status enquiry

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    Does enquiring about your case hurt put you in trouble with the local office. The NAtional service center thought I should have gone for interview by now and wanted to open enquiry. I went to the local district office who said I should hear from them by February. Do you advise for me to proceed with enquiry or to just wait. Also my EAD is 1 month from expiry and I understand it takes 3 months. I had faith I would have been to the interview. Should I continue working if I do not get another EAD before this present one expires. Thanks

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    Regarding the EAD part of your questions, if your EAD expires, you are not authorized to work until you get a new EAD card from CIS, documenting that you have work authorization. Even if you want to work when the EAD is expired, your employer is legally barred from permitting you to work in that situation. All employers must keep documentation that all employees have valid, current employment authorization (Form I-9).

    You should apply for your EAD renewal now; don't wait any longer in hopes of completing the AOS process in February.

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    How long has it been since you have filed all your paperwork. My EAD was to expire in December and I still havne't had interview but was told that it would probably be around december-january. I didn't want to take any chances so I sent in for a new one. I would just in case. IT is a lot of money but after waiting this long it will be worth it.
    What office did you file at?

  4. #4
    I filed in Detroit. Its now 13 months since I filed. Thanks for response. Can someone also tell me whether its ok to travel on Advance Parole. I had a valid F1 status when I started the AOS process. Can anyone also tell me any recent timelines on AOS interviews at Detroit offices. Thanks once again

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    Miki, sorry to hear it's taking so long; from various sources on the web it appears AOS in Detroit is taking around 500 days on an average. So you are still waiting for your AOS interview and it has been 13 months since filing?

  6. #6
    Thanks for concern Dane and others. Thats right its been 13 months. Also I had been given Advance Parole but did not use it due to differing opinions on the clause that says you are not guaranteed reentry. I am planning to get another one and this time I plan to travel. Is that safe in your opinion.

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    Thanks everyone who bothered to take time and answer my questions. I had my interview today after about 28 months of marriage. It was successful and I am happy. Its truly a chip off my shoulder. I have been here for about 40 months. Looking forward to going home very very soon to Africa. Anyways I was a bit tense for the interview. Waited about 30 mins beyond appointment time. Interviewer seemed to pick me up probably because I was black and maybe only two other black people in waiting area. Asked a few questions and then separated. Wife did not have current w2 and I filed separately. Not a problem. Asked how long I had worked. Told him about 3 years even though I had omitted this fact on application. No further questions and green card granted. From my brief experience just be truthful and dont be scared. One important thing to remember is that working illegally is automatically pardoned if you are married to a citizen. The only thing I would have changed if I needed to was to make sure you file your taxes jointly once you get employment authorization. I had a backup joint sponsor since my wife did not make enough but that was not necessary and I am happy I did not need that as it releives the backup sponsor of any possible burdens. Thats about it and good luck to everyone about to start to adjust and those waiting for interview. Its been 14 months waiting but hey it was worth the waiting. anyone wants to ask I will answer to the best of my knowledge. Once again this board is fantastic.

  8. #8
    Miki... Congrats!! Extra Congrats.. you got PERMANENT Green CARD .. no need to remove conditions b/c u had interview after 2yrs of marriage!!!! All that waiting was worth it and the timing was excellent. Good 4 U

  9. #9
    Maxi... if marriage is 2 yrs old when interview comes. .. a permanent GC is issued becuase 2yr marriage hurdle condition has been met. In general becuase this is for the Permanent GC, ... a more comprehensive interview is conducted including seperation of spouses to compare answers because this is the ONLY interview for alien & USC.

    So what do u think... u want to wait til 2yrs for your interview

  10. #10
    Is Atlanta office slower than the rest? I filed AOS for my husband back in Feb. 2001 and still haven't heard anything. Not so much as an appointment for fingerprinting. Does it usually take that long for the fingerprinting appoinment? Husband has had 2 EAD since filing, and I am thinking will have to renew again before we ever get an appointment.

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