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  1. #1
    After Europe failed to get its Mars thingy to work, the USA has come through again and deployed the Spirit Mars Probe and it is successfully sending images back. Mars belongs to the USA !!!!

  2. #2
    After Europe failed to get its Mars thingy to work, the USA has come through again and deployed the Spirit Mars Probe and it is successfully sending images back. Mars belongs to the USA !!!!

  3. #3
    Food for thinking....

    When USA landed on moon.... They showed a video tape .... Where there was US Flag moving right and left from wind on moon ...and everyone knows there is no atmosphere on moon... so is this the similar Hollywood scene with modified version and extra precautions on Mars like before? This is not my opinion but lot of other experts in the world....

  4. #4
    the moon 'conspiracy' was initiated by all those jealous countries during the cold war that wanted to cast doubt on the US's huge accomplishment.

    Today's scientists have access to all the technical documents that explained how they got the ship there and back. And today's scientists have way more knowledge know then then. And no one's had doubt that they couldn't have done it.

    NASA released all their technical documents abot the moon landing for the world years ago, since they're of course out-dated. It proves it right there.

    -= nav =-

  5. #5
    Well ... that was just an opinion ..and i never said that was mine...but if you know that much then you can provide those documents... i never saw them published if u tell i was ignorant then i am requesting you to provide them here...

  6. #6
    It is an opinion. Of course it is a STUPID opinion. In fact, no such videotape exists. Have you, in fact, seen this tape for yourself ??? There is a videotape and pictures of the flag on the moon and it stands there becuase of the lack of wind. The USA owns the moon and now it owns Mars.

  7. #7

    No more jokes or stupid comments anymore... where do you live on this earth? Everyone has seen this video showing plz no jokes ... I can kid around too ... but here I m serious... and if you haven't seen that video then I don't know ... how the hell you tell u r a USC... well the thing I don't know about it is I never saw anything explaining about moving flags anywhere me... I did lot of projects on astronomy so know little bit about it.... And I don't blame USA at all ... the country I live in... but just curious coz never heard or saw anything published to protest this blame.... So pls no kidding ... here...

  8. #8
    Michael, we don't OWN the moon or Mars.

    We just have the most money to waste on space exploration.
    Sweet Madame Belu

  9. #9
    >Where there was US Flag moving right and left >from wind on moon

    Where is thsi videotape btw? How can you even verify this "videotape" was provided by NASA?

    All the space mission documentation was provided to Russia when they started working together on the space station. They shared a lot of information on rockets, fuels, cells, propulsion, etc.

    -= nav =-

  10. #10

    Just forget about it... it was showed on national TV Channel in each country of the world... it has nothing to do with Russia if they only fabricated video... just leave it...

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