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Thread: tsc direct phone#

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    214 381 7345 for information any caind

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    214 381 7345 for information any caind

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    What about the phone no. for Missouri Service Center? Thank you in advance.

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    Hi Johan,

    I can't seem to get anyone to answer that phone number you provided. What was the context under which you were provided this number? Thanks again.

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    No one has answered so far today either. Anyone else try the number (214) 381-7345 provided by Johan? I was hoping Johan could confirm this is the correct # and let us know the context under which it was provided (and maybe how long ago it was provided). Thanks very much.

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    The answers are simple. The phone number is no longer used. A few months ago, then-BCIS decided that too many people were calling the service centers and using too much of the Immigration Officers' times to answer questions. Therefore, they instituted that silly 1-800 customer service number (where the people who answer are complete immigration morons).

    We (as in legal professionals) used to call the service centers all the time we had misspelled approval notices, wrong consular notifications, wrong classifications, etc. and they (the service centers) would immediately fix the errors and forward updated notices. Now that we have to call the 1-800 number we have been getting nowhere. AILA is lobbying hard to have the service centers get new phone numbers (for attorney/law firm access only).

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    Roger thanks. I thought this was a "special" number to be used in lieu of the National Service Center number. I concur with you that calling that national number is a waste of time. I propose that they change the number to 1-800-useless. I was hoping for a work-around but, alas, I am resigned to playing the waiting game. Thanks NYCImmParalegal for the input.

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    ***ping for JohnDoe to read.

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    Apparently b-u-m is a bad word.

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