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Thread: Filing of the I-485- Any help would be appreciated

  1. #1
    When i filed my I-140, I received the receipt within 2 weeks. Thereafter i filed I-485 & I-765, its been over two weeks, no news from vermont. They have not deposited the check yet. As anyone been thro a similar situation. Thanks all

  2. #2
    did you filled up your I-140 based on labor certificate?

  3. #3
    They will cash that check any day now. If they don't cash it in the next 2 weeks, then start to worry.

  4. #4
    Yes, i filed I-140 based on labor certification.
    Marie, after they deposit the check is when they issue a receipt ? Do u know how long vermont takes for I-485 ? Thanks

  5. #5
    I dont know how long it takes them to send the receipt but this whole process is going to be slow. Just be patient.

    Just watch to make sure they cash that check and if they do, don't worry about it. You'll get your receipt.

  6. #6
    Thanks Marie.....Wish this could go faster but its something beyond control. thanks !, Have a pleasant day

  7. #7
    according to processing time in Vermont Center
    currently has for 1-485 applications
    date 8/15/2001 and reciept notice-processing time
    in days: from 365 to 540.
    be patient and good luck.
    by the way-when did you send your I-140 application, i mean axectly time if you remember,
    i'll appreciate

  8. #8
    Hi....I sent the application around the 2nd week in August (10th), and to be precise i rec the receipt more toward the end of august 28/29, so please excuse what i said earlier. It did take a while, over two weeks. Hope this helps

  9. #9
    hi, seashore
    that me again bother you about some correction.
    the friend of my has been send his I-140 (of course with lawer help inthe end of April or
    beginning of the May this year).He did not have heard sinse than, so we're wondering haw it's
    works, even he did not recieved any notice yet.
    can you make some comments to this
    thanx, lesia

  10. #10
    one more ?
    what category of the profession are you,
    i mean skilled or non-skilled, or high
    thanx a lot, lesia

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