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    which country are u from ?
    For me there is nothing to do but wait until the PPIA passes !!!!!!! Let's hope it will be for january........
    Love and compation, you are not alone.

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    julie, i am russian. my interview is on the 7 january.
    u can e mail me at

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    Just being gay or lesbian does not qualify you for asylum. You must be able to prove that you were persecuted because of your sexual orientation or that you have a reasonable fear that you would be persecuted if you were returned to your home country. You should apply for asylum only if you have a viable claim.

    To determine whether or not you may have a strong application for asylum, you must contact an attorney as soon as possible.

    Before applying for asylum you should discuss with an attorney whether or not to file an application and what are the consequences of filing an application for asylum. For example, the filing of an administrative application for asylum by an immigrant who is out of status may result in the immigrant being placed in deportation proceedings.

    (NEW YORK June 26, 1997) -- A San Francisco federal appeals court this week gave new hope to a Russian lesbian and other gay people seeking political asylum, sending the case of Alla Pitcherskaia back to the Bureau of Immigration Appeals, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund said Thursday.

    The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, the highest court ever to rule on a gay asylum case, said that lesbians and gay men who suffer violence in their homelands need not prove the malicious intent of persecutors claiming that they act only to "cure" gay people such as with forced psychiatric hospitalization, electroshock therapy, or drugs.

    "The court recognized the cruelty and discrimination in government anti-gay persecution, regardless of the excuses that governments may give," said Lambda Staff Attorney Suzanne B. Goldberg, who argued on Pitcherskaia's behalf before the appeals court.

    Lambda Legal Director Beatrice Dohrn added, "This decision not only puts Alla's case in a new light, it allows other lesbian and gay asylum seekers, who are often persecuted in their homelands under the guise of dubious 'treatments,' to hope for safety here."

    The 35-year-old Pitcherskaia, who now lives in San Francisco, is seeking political asylum in the United States in In Re Pitcherskaia. She was beaten, harassed, and forcibly detained by both the Russian police and organized crime members for being a lesbian and advocate for lesbian and gay civil rights.

    As Goldberg told the court at a December 11, 1996, hearing, if returned to Russia, Pitcherskaia faces so-called 'treatments' others have suffered for their sexual orientation. Since her absence from Russia, her business has also been destroyed and a co-worker murdered. The court's unanimous decision, issued Tuesday and written by Judge Betty B. Fletcher, said, "That a persecutor believes that the harm is 'good for' the victim does not make it any less painful to the victim or remove the conduct from the statutory definition of persecution. Human rights laws cannot be sidestepped simply by couching torture in benevolent terms such as 'curing' or 'treating' the victim."

    The federal appeals court's decision finds a 1995 U.S. Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) rejection of Pitcherskaia's application for political asylum erroneous based on its emphasis on the intent of her persecutors; the court remanded her case for reconsideration. San Francisco attorney Ignatius Bau, who is co-counsel with Lambda in the case, said, "This ruling marks the first time a federal appeals court has ruled on political asylum for someone facing anti-gay persecution in her home country. It represents a critical step in acknowledging that the persecution of lesbians and gay men around the world is a fundamental consideration when reviewing applications for political asylum. "

    Targeted by the Russian police since her youth for being a lesbian, the only criminal charge ever brought against Pitcherskaia, even after years of arrests and beatings at their hands, was "hooliganism." This charge is often used against lesbians and gays and allows police to arrest and detain persons for up to 15 days without trial and for up to 5 years following a conviction.

    Pitcherskaia was expelled from medical college for being in a lesbian relationship; she repeatedly lost jobs because the police would come to her places of employment to harass her. After trying to start her own business with gay co-workers, she was targeted by Russian organized crime. Pitcherskaia was kidnaped and assaulted, her friends were beaten, her car was burned, and her apartment was burglarized. When she asked police for help, they refused to send their officers to defend "perverts." After Pitcherskaia left her home country in 1992, the Russian Mafia destroyed her business and killed one of her co-workers. She applied for asylum after being advised by her mother that the Mafia was still looking for her and that it was not safe to return.

    Lambda also is supporting the asylum claim of a Brazilian gay man seeking to escape paramilitary death squads which target gay men (Matter of Tenorio) and the asylum claim of a Honduran lesbian brutally gang-raped because of her sexual orientation who fears further attack (Matter of Yanez-Flores).

    Hope that helps.

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    i have to say that i feel very discriminatet just because of the way i love. i came here a few years ago and fell in love with a women. i did not want her to leave her family so i decided to overstay my visa and try to find another way to live with her. i do not regert of staying with her because i love her with all my heart. i just wish there would be a law that same sexcouples can get marride and have the same rights as straight couples.i wish all same sexcouples good luck!!

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    discrimination is a naturally-occurring human behavior. the minority (in this case you) will always be singled out by the majority (me). its a fact that such behavior will be recognized (discriminated) because it is not of the majority. the majority views the minority as freaks. if you are a woman, and you like to be intimate with the vagina of other women, you are viewed as a freak by the majority. the majority, by definition, has voting power over the minority. thus, you will not get your way. i suggest that you buy a house plant and eat alot of chocolate.

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    I found an execellent article related to the issues discussed here:

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    as an undergrad, i minored in sociology. one thing i learned about sociologists - they can convince themselves (and often others) of almost anything, based on scewed data. if i want to prove something radical, i would search out a radical pool to collect my sample in. sample 1,500 men in san francisco and im certain at least 50% will claim to take it in the 'ol ****er. but, i am certain - without a shadow of a doubt - 50% of american men are not fags. you are wrong. and, i find my own personal satisfaction in knowing: deep down inside, you know you're statistical study is NOT representative of the larger population. i can prove that there is a positive statistical correlation between eating mcdonalds apple pies and trips through a mcdonalds drive thru. go play your statistical hocus pocus elsewhere.

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    whatever, I think you are gay!

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