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    I got ticked off and gave up!!!
    Sweet Madame Belu

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    2:14 (slow computer...)
    I don't agree though that this has anything to do with intelligence quotient. It is definitly a problem solving skill, but it all depends what your educational background is and which skills you were thought, how much you believe in your abilities, (Josephine, I bet if you had a bit more patience or fun you'd solved it just as fast...), how old you are, if you've seen this problem (cross sheep and wolf across the river, one shephard..etc). I.Q. tests are for the bellcurve fanatics a.k.a. Acelaw...

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    iq means nothing.

    some of the smartest men are professors in universities, and are making $80k per year.

    Some high-school dropouts have went on to become CEO's and make hundreds of millions.

    So who's smarter?

    -= nav =-

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    My i.q. is 147, but I cannot do logic, i.e. one train heading east at 50 mph, another train heading west at 30 mph, where will they meet? or tommy has 5 apples, and lucy has 3 oranges, and omg, I run away screaming with my hair on fire!!
    Sweet Madame Belu

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    IQ is part of elements of people's success in life but the most important things are patience and will
    I dont agree that IQ is not important, I just dont agree that IQ is too important. Good test though, got me at first but I finished it. average

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    Please define "patience", I spent 10 whole minutes messing with that thing!
    Sweet Madame Belu

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    OK I give a clue but not all cuz it might ruin the game
    1st : move the thief and the police to the other bank and leave the thief there alone
    last move : leave the thief alone in his original position and make the police come back to pick him up again.

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    Hey josephine...

    147 is very superior....anything goes > than 130 is just extra-ordinary. Congrats. I think this game / problem more shows solving skills than IQ ...coz IQ covers a lot more things with language & culture bias. Honestly first of all I couldn't understand properly rules and conditions written so first understood that & tried how does it work clicking with mouse to check it's working and then set the clock up...I did it in 4 minutes 51 seconds...may be because I used to play such games and solve funny math problems when I was in school...

    IQ doesn't have anything to do with money or how much person makes yearly...sure this is a very good parameter of educational achievement...and IQ means a lot as a person himself with socio-economic status and lot more thing...u can increase ur IQ up to age 5 yrs...then its pretty much stable...that's enough for now...I am feeling I started lecturing would say everybody Good night...Pasha

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