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  1. #21
    TO: Kiwi22

    You should read my above post addressed to Shilpa in respect to moral turpitude crimes.

    Your attorney's concern in respect to your husband's past criminal history is understandable and you should also be worried about it because- [1] your husband committed and convicted for burglary which is a crime of moral turpitude and this crime falls under aggravated felony too [regardless of its sentencing term imposed], [2] your husband has two conviction on this burglary crime instead of one.

    However, there are some favorable factors also apply to him in his situation now, such as [1] there were only 'probation' was imposed on him on these crimes instead of actual imprisonment term, which INS may view favorable in determining his eligibility for green card, and [2] these crimes were committed long time ago, and there is waiver available.

    Under an exception for young offenders, your husband would be granted the waiver in respect to his past criminal activities because he was convicted when he was under 18 and more than five yrs have passed since the time the crime was committed [or since he was released from jail].

    To get the waiver, he must prove that either [1] he is the spouse, parent, or child of a U.S. citizen or permanent resident that that relative would suffer extreme hardship if he was not admitted as a permanent resident, which he can prove to show extrem hardship to you , or [2] the offense happened more than 15 yrs before his application , and he has rehabiliated, and his admission to the United States would not be contrary to the welfare, safety, or security of the country, wherein he would be able to get waiver anyway because crimes were committed more than 15 yrs ago.

    To apply for a waiver of a criminal ground of exclusions, he must file INS form I-601. Good luck.

  2. #22

    Jo, Mohan is right. Those words are very pure punjabi words, and only those people can understand who live in those punjabi territory. Even though I can speak and understand very good punjabi, as well I have spent great deal of my time in Amartsar, Ludhiana district of punjab state [ punjab territories] during my recent visit there, I could not able to understand what you have asked.

    Why don't you believe in your husband when he says that you are a queen? Big or Tiny, or any other physical appearances/demeanors don't matter, instead what's inside your heart, that's all it counts. In my opinion, I believe you ARE a queen because it's in the eyes of the beholder, right. Take good care of yourself. Life is already too short to smile.

  3. #23
    TY Sammy for the kind words. I've been real depressed lately. I am disabled and have a hard time working. I feel pretty useless lately. The only thing I can do is try to help others on this board.

  4. #24
    Thank you ME2, and my special thanks to Mr. Sammy for his kindness, effort and time in responding my questions. Sammy, I knew that you know the right answer and Josephine Schemo was not wrong when she said that you are like 'geniee' and 'swami'. Thanking also for your so romatic songs from those movies. You are great, a romantic and very kind person. Please accept my sincere appreciation. God bless you always.

  5. #25

    I have another out of immigration question (medical one) to ask from you because I never able to get the answer to this question from anyone- i.e. doctors, experts, friends or any websites. I'm 19 yrs old and kind of shy to this question and don't know really where to find the right answer. Hoping you can tell me something about this too, if you know. I can't believe that I'm asking this, well, here I go-"I'm a convert to thong panties, but I've heard that they can cause vaginal infections. Is this true?"

    Thank you very much for your help.

  6. #26

  7. #27
    Jo, thanks for breaking the silence. Usually so verbose I was literally struck dumb, fingers frozen over the keyboard.

    In fact, I am still at a loss.


  8. #28
    I think what I find funny is her asking Sammy. What would a dude know about vag infections?

    Mark my words, Sammy WILL answer her question. I could go do the research, but I want to see his answer.

    I don't know the answer. I can't stand a wedgie, NO WAY would I put my fat butt in a thong!

  9. #29
    TO: NINA

    Please don't ask me these types of questions since- [1] I'm kinda shy type of person or you can say I'm pretty much old fashined [traditional type of] guy especially when it comes to very personal issues like the one you have asked including the previous one, and [2] I feel kinda uncomfortable to talk/discuss "these types" of female issues especially when I'm not a doctor or a female. As much I love to discuss these types of female issues as I do have very broad knowledge about all these female medical issues, but I can't discuss with you even though I want to, and you should know why, right.

    It's probably true that you won't find the answer on this type of question from any website or from any friend, or may not from any doctor also [except very few doctors], but I belive I do know the answer of this question as I remembered watching a show called 'Berman & Berman' on health channel wherein these two sisters have discussed this issue. Both sisters are doctor by profession- one is Gyn and other one is Internal physician. They both routinely address lots of medical issues for both genders including sexual issues. You can watch their show also on Health channel at 10 P.M. eastern time.

    I must confess I haven't heard any complaints of vaginal infections from my ex-girlfriends who wear thongs, and I'm not aware of any studies linking the two. But, in theory, it's possible, because of the thin strip of fabric that forms the back of the thong sits right over the anus and has a direct line to the vagina or urinary tract, making it a potential conduit for fecal bacteria.

    What's more likely, however, is that a thong can create micro-ulcerations or cracks in the skin between the anus and the vagina or cause other irritation to the very delicate tissues "down there".

    I do realize that the appeal of thongs is that they're ****, eliminate the dreaded pany line, and are comfortable, though frankly, how what appears to be a permanent wedgie can be comfortable is something that escapes me. But, the numbers speak for themselves. According to a study published just in May of this year, which states that last year 130.4 million pairs or $575 million worth of thongs were sold in the U.S.

    I belive Underwear is supposed to provide a soft barrier between you and irritants such as your clothes. So as tempted as you are to wear them every day, I wouldn't encourage it. Save them for special occassions. Or switch to a thong style that has a wider back but still gives you that **** feeling and leaves no panty line to show through your clothing.

    I have answered you to the best of my knowledge, but pl. no more this type of question, walkidog.

    P.S.- I've always found my ex-girlfriends very **** and desirable especially when they wear thongs. In other words, I can say it's a huge & pretty quick turn-on for me if I see a woman in a thong, and I don' know can call me crazy or whatever, but I will stand for truth what I feel.

  10. #30
    The word which disappeared from my text is- S-E-X-Y .

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