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Thread: Felony Conviction Question.

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    If a USC has been convicted of a felony, a LONG time ago, will that jepordize an application for Fiance Visa?

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    If a USC has been convicted of a felony, a LONG time ago, will that jepordize an application for Fiance Visa?

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    No. It will not effect any fiance visa application unless the sponsor was previously convicted of alien smuggling.
    Good luck.

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    if the felony conviction (and most state felonies are federal aggravated felonies) was for something the government is sensitive about (physical violence, substance or harmfull violations), you could put attention to yourself by submitting an application for a fiancee and put yourself in the danger of being "removed" with no possibility of relief available.

    There is no "statute of limitation" anymore on any crimes committed (meaning that the - long -good conduct time after the crime does not count towards rehabilitation). Contact a good immigration attorney and see where you stand, but as far as I remember, any felony conviction till minimal 1988 will most likely make a permanent resident alien removable immediatly (aggravated felonies, without the right to be reviewed in court). Good luck!

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    I just saw that the petitioner is a USC (I misread it as an GC), Umesh's response is correct. Apologizies for the scare!

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