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Thread: H1B status

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    has anybody who obtained an H1B status in the US returned home and got H1B visa stamped there?Was it hard or risky?

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    has anybody who obtained an H1B status in the US returned home and got H1B visa stamped there?Was it hard or risky?

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    There is no risk whatsoever, in fact it's the normal procedure.

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    Thank you. But have you done it?

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    I am concerned that it is not so easy to get the H-1B visa stamp these days. It used to be easy in the past but nowadays people are subject to additional security checks that could take quite a while. I have heard about people stuck in their home countries waiting for weeks to get the stamp. I have H-1B status and I am afraid to travel because of all these.
    I would strongly suggest that you first inquire the US Embassy in your home country about the current procedure of getting the H-1B visa stamp as well as the time frame.
    Good luck and let us know if you learn something new about it.

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    thank you, Georgi. Yes, we are on the same boat. I have an LPR spouse and we have filed I-130 and I'm afraid that may make the things worse if I try to get a H1B visa stamp from over there. I don't want to be apart from my husband!

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    Yes . It s not that easy to do anymore. In my country (France) it can still be done in less than 3 days but it needs to be a flawless application. First there will be a re-check at the embassy if you wait too long before going back to your country. In general 3 months is considered long. They (the ins) will recheck your application all over again. The best bet is to gop to a port of entry. You can restamp your visa while you still in the US.

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    I know you can restamp the visa in th US if you already have it in your passport, but I didn't come with H1B from my country,that's why it is not one of my options. What exactly do they check about your H1B status when you go back to your country to get the visa? What kind of questions do they ask? Can they possibly stop you from coming back to the States ones you have the job? Can they not give you the visa fast and what if you get fired from your Company here, because of that?!

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    Here's what happened to my wife. H1B was approved by INS in July 02. (She was in the US on a J-1 visa). In August, she returned to her country to visit family and have the visa issued at US embassy. She was told there would be additional background checks done by FBI, etc. She was fingerprinted in early September and told it might take 2-4 months for the security check to be complete. It is now 4 months later and she has had no news from the embassy. The point is - This is no longer a routine process!!! You are right to be worried about this. I wish I had a solution to offer, but I don't. Anyone else experience this kind of delay?

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    Thanks a lot for sharing your sour experience. Is your wife still there or she was able to come back already? I came here on J1 as well.

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