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Thread: Congratulations to all Muslim Amerikans

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    Don't get your hopes up'll soon be over.
    “...I may condemn what you say, but I will give my life for that you may say it”! - Voltaire

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    Typical Muslim immigrant and leftist America hater.

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    Now I challenge anybody to prove me wrong that federale86 isn't an American, that she's simply an idiot.

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    RN, please don't call her "idiot". An idiot is someone who has a brain yet doesn't quiet use it to its full extent. Fed simply doesn't have one. According to her radiology reports, they found some shrimp shells, bird p00p, and a weird object closely related to a burnt tire. Unfortunately my current medical terminology isn't serving me well enough to remember the latin word that describes her case. But I can assure you that her case is pretty much hopeless. She can't even be used as paper weight because she wets herself, due to a little "mistake" during "his" tranny procedure.

    Trust me. I'm a doctor.

    p.s using Manali as an example for Muslims is just as bad as using Timothy McVey as an example for christians.
    "A candle loses absolutely nothing by lighting another candle"

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    Not Latin but how about 'cretin' as a descriptive word?

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    Another confession that RN hates America and love Manli and terrorists.

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    See? Nobody can prove me wrong. The verdict stands then. And an unqualified counter charge is one of the weakest types of defense. What more can I say? Very typical GOP. Oh wait, you're not a citizen, you can't even vote. My bad.

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