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Thread: Marrying during pendency of I-751

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    Does anyone know what is the position of BCIS regarding conditional residents who re-marry during the pendency of an I-751?

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    Does anyone know what is the position of BCIS regarding conditional residents who re-marry during the pendency of an I-751?

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    At what point in the I751 process did the conditional resident divorce?

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    Do you have a waiver I-751 petition pending? Which ones were your waiver grounds?

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    I don't think it matters too much. Their main concern is the validity of the first marriage. The second marriage could convey the image that you don't take marriage all that seriously though which is obvious to me but maybe not to BCIS. It seems that it is pretty easy to get conditions removed. What the hell, everyone else comes here illegally, whats another one ? And what, if you don't get the conditions removed, you reapply using this latest ****er. It's all just a game to you grints isn't it ?

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    Somewhere on another thread I seem to recall an excerpt from INS law which stated (not verbatim) that they only look into the viability of the first marriage if there was an allegation of fraud. In fact if I recall correctly the second marriage's legitimacy has more bearing than the first unless there was fraud.

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    Swissnut and Aguila 18 ... and anyone else with knowledge with respect to this topic:

    The conditional resident I referred to in my original query filed the I-751 after the divorce proceedings had commenced but before the divorce was finalized. No interview has been scheduled as of yet. The waiver was filed on abuse grounds. I'm wondering how BCIS views these cases where conditional residents re-marry during the pendency of the I-751. Have you heard of "Stockwell Proceedings"? Thanks.

    Michael -please refer to the discussion board policy regarding the use of offensive language.

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    So if I understand correctly the PR filed alone on the abuse wiaver, and there is no joint I751 in place. Is that correct?

    No I have noit heard of stockwell proceedgins, but I have herd of a Stoke's interview.

  9. #9
    One of Sammy's post and some other posts I read on different message board remind me your question. Your second marriage has nothing to do with validity of your first marriage but it will still jeopardize I 751 with BCIS, as they don't look positively in this kind of cases. Should your application get revoked, it will be extremely hard to prove your second marriage legit in BCIS.... Pasha

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    If you filed on abuse waiver I don't think it will be a big issue, were you battered? were you subject to extreme mental cruelty? What type of documentation did you send along with your I-751?

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