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Thread: Great Immigration Website!!!

  1. #1
    I'm sorry if this offends a few folks, but it seems a lot of questions being asked here indicate that a lot of people just post questions without even doing basic research...

    Here is a great immigration website that will answer 80% of the questions being asked in this forum:

    Notice the name? It is the INS' own website and I think that you will find it is one of the best laid out and useful websites there is on this subject... And they should know, they write the rules!

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    I'm sorry if this offends a few folks, but it seems a lot of questions being asked here indicate that a lot of people just post questions without even doing basic research...

    Here is a great immigration website that will answer 80% of the questions being asked in this forum:

    Notice the name? It is the INS' own website and I think that you will find it is one of the best laid out and useful websites there is on this subject... And they should know, they write the rules!

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    Believe me, we all know most of the INS websites, but the hole point of this discussion board is that sometimes it's easier to give advice and help each other through our personal experiences.
    This discussion board made me realize that I'm not the only one with problems, even though I don't know this people, they really helped me.

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    Guest, I agree with you. This board gives a lot of people support and people help those, also who are going thro a process which they have experienced already. So really, i know most of us know abt the ins website but i am sure we all agree that we turn to this board for somthing much greater.

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    why not make things simple and use the program offered here

  6. #6
    I was not pointing out the INS website for the benefit of those who are using this forum for clarification or to exchange experiences or to get other folk's opinions on their particular situation. I felt it might be prudent to identify that site for those who jump on the board and ask very basic questions about immigration rules; questions that would easily be answered in a few seconds if they would just see what the INS has to offer on their website. You know, questions like: "I hear I have to change my address, why?" and "How do I remove conditions on my status", and "I hear I can just come to the US and apply for citizenship" or "Where do I send my change of address forms..."

  7. #7

    I agree that many questions could be answered if people would simply read what is available to them. As an employee of the INS, my job would be much easier if the existing procedures were followed correctly. An amazing number of applications and petitions are denied due to the fact that people are not even remotely eligible for the process that they are applying for or they simply do not follow the procedures required to file.

    A significant investment has been made in our website with a lot of attention paid to what our 'customers' want and need. The vast majority of us here at the INS want to help those of you who are legally entitled to apply for immigration benefits; however, we are inundated with paperwork that is incomplete, inaccurate, or just simply not applicable.

    If more people paid attention to the rules and procedures, more cases could be handled in a shorter period. I watch what is on this forum and often am amazed at the questions being asked and the answers being given. Unfortunatley, I am barred from providing advice in a forum such as this and it can be very frustrating. My employment could be terminated if it was discovered that I even submitted this post. When Arqu pointed out our website, I wanted to yell out "It is about time".

    Now I must just melt back into the background again and see if people take his/her advice. Good luck to all of you and try to keep in mind that many, if not most of my peers want to help you. Most people that have problems with the INS usually are not entitled to what they are asking for or are not filing the right information. Another piece of advice is that if you don't like the rules, (many of which I can't stand either), you need to get Washington to change them and to provide more funding and resources to handle the truly overwhelming caseloads. Talk to friends who can vote and certainly remember your experiences when you become a citizen so you can influence the process as well. I can only enforce the rules that exist and have very little discretion in case determinations. We don't like seeing families split apart and people seperated from their loved ones any more than the next person. But there are procedures in place that must be followed.

    So to sum up: Know what you are doing when dealing with the INS. It will make it easier (and faster) for everyone.


  8. #8
    There are many complicated questions are here which are not mentioned in INS FAQ.
    INS Law Is Very confusing too. It goes C>F>R * Section xx which refer section XY and ther section XY refer to section yx etc etc. by the time you go to particular section you got so confuse by the language then you don't know what is right and what is wrong.
    Many applicants are got denial because incomplete/lack of information/law don,t applied to them but there are many of them who are Eligible but Due to back log OR wrong decision BY INS they wondered and trying to get the right answers.

  9. #9

    I did not intend to imply that the fault always falls on the applicant. There are many areas of INS policy that I feel need drastic changes and I am known internally for my efforts to get some of those changes done. But I have to follow the law as it is written but I always tend to favor the applicant in areas that I have discretion. But I will say that the majority of cases that are rejected or take up most of our time are the simple ones. People applying for immigration benefits that they are CLEARLY not qualified for. People not filling in the forms correctly (not just little mistakes, things like wrong names in wrong boxes, no signatures, no supporting documentation, etc..). People LYING! (By the way - that is a sure way to get your application into the 'reject' pile - lie about your past, lie your intentions, lie about who you are. The other BIG problem is people who come to the US illegally and then expect to be able to switch to a legal application. That is an uphill battle to say the least and is not fair to the hundreds of thousands of you who conform to the rules.

    INS law is complex but not any more so than most other law be it either civil or criminal. But you will not get any argument from me on that point; I have to work with it every day. I did not write the stuff, I just have to enforce it. I spend a lot of my personal time trying to get the policies changed but I am tainted in the eyes of the 'powers that be'; they say that I have a vested interest in increasing immigration as it is my career.

    What can you do? LOBBY WASHINGTON! CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES! JOIN AN IMMIGRATION SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP! CHANGE THE LAWS THAT DO NOT WORK!! GET OTHERS INVOLVED!!!I can only enforce what is there; even if I disagree with it. I know that non-citizens get no respect from their representatives because they cannot vote. But you must get those that can vote to understand the issues and please, when you do get your citizenship, use your freedom to vote and lobby to change the system so that it works and is fair. Urge the federal gov't to properly fund the INS! Lobby to have the procedures streamlined and reviewed! I don't like looking at the same cases over and over again any more that you like submitting them over and over again!

    Well I have said too much already. Please remember that not everyone on the other side of the counter is against you. I happen to support immigration and I understand how it makes America the great country that it is. You never know, I might be that person who actually smiled at you and apologized to you for your extremely long wait in line to see me. I know that not all my peers are of the same mindset must most of them are actually caring people who try to do the best they can in impossible working conditions.

    Remember to vote when you can and lobby when you can't! YOU ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN AND WILL CHANGE THINGS!


  10. #10
    A great website it is. But maybe many of us has seen the rules for the first time and because we are not used to read rules and we are not used to interpret rules, the result is confusion. It is easy for you otherotherside, you are well verse in it and you are implementing it every minute of your 8 hours work. You do admit that there are rules that you do not really agree and that adds to the confusion to ordinary people who read the rules and much more in applying it to the question at hand they need to resolve.

    Filling in forms is scaring, long and tedious for first time filers. As soon as they saw the form, the tendency is to look for help and those also who do not know which form to file, they look for help and so forth and so on, the list are long and you know why, because they can not afford to hire a lawher.

    Not all has the luxury of spending time reading rules and interpreting the same. May be it is not thier line. And those who has the time may also need help and I tell you, this board is great. So do not discourage in giving our help to those who needed it.

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