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Thread: AAO dismiss I-485 case

  1. #1
    After the administrative appeal office AAO in Washington dismisses I-485 appealed case does the applicant have any option left to appeal it to a higher immigration appeal unit?

  2. #2
    have fredy give you a bible quote....and maybe a green card will appear out of thin air....but when it doesn't, haul your sorry a$$ out of my country.

  3. #3
    Appeal to federal court at that point- very expensive and lengthy process

  4. #4
    Can you please tell me how in average it cost to appeal to a federal court and if during that time Ill be given a work permit? How long do you think it might take?

    Thank you Mani.

  5. #5
    Not sure of the total- will depend on teh lawfirm- at this point you're looking at an hourly rate of $300-500/hour on average unless you can get a non-profit-pro-bono lawyer or firm on board.

    No work-permit

  6. #6
    And that will be many hundreds of hours billed.

  7. #7
    yes you have optionss.. Why it was denied?
    Next step is BIA. its only worth if you have some ground , otherwise beating the dead snake has no use, just spending money..
    Its a discussion, not a legal advise..

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