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Thread: work

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    iz theyre anywhere i can work illeglly and not be find out, i need sum dollarz im am a mexican, and dont afford to petion so maybe can work illegly then petion

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    iz theyre anywhere i can work illeglly and not be find out, i need sum dollarz im am a mexican, and dont afford to petion so maybe can work illegly then petion

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    Hola Juanita, if you earn money with fake identification it will hurt your chances, or prevent you from getting legal status in the future. You have to do this the right way if you ever want to be working and living here legally. There are people who will hire you, but they won't pay you a fair amount and won't treat you as well - if you come here legally and have work authorization things will be so much better for you. Le espero mucha suerte.

  4. #4
    Juanita, I don't know a lot about your situation, but there are people that will hire you for reasonable benfits... the jobs aren't very classy, but working as a maid can actually pay pretty well, if you work with the right people.

    I also recommend working other areas where we really need people, especially taking care of the elderly and the handicapped or otherwise infirm. Our culture is full of people who wnat to be indepdent, children of parents and parents of children. It doesn't mean we don't love each other though... and it doesn't mean we want to put people in nursing homes... "real" US nurses cost an arm and a leg that few people can afford... so their only option is to hire someone from another country or to go into a nursing home. The good part or the bad part depending on your situation is that a lot of people would want you to live in the house (which is great if you are single because it is a free place to live.) This can be really good also, because if you work for the right family you can meet people that might even be willing to sponsor you later.

    or maybe as a nanny... (although I am not as sure about that one)

    so you really don't need to get a fake identification card (although as long as the social is completely fake it may lessen your chances... although my guess is that they are/will be cracking down on stuff like this...)

    but do get a TIN and pay your taxes, it will look good if you later want residency.

  5. #5
    somebody has a point - there are people who will give you a job and pay you OK money - and if you get a TIN it will look good as long as you claim the true number of dependents and pay your taxes. BUT you are about to break a lot of laws, and the people you work for can get in a lot of trouble for hiring you. You will get in trouble too. You owe it to yourself and to this country to do this the legal way.

  6. #6
    yes of course.. by all means, if there is any way at all of doing this legally do it legally, but if not - try to keep it as close to legal as you can... which is what my above posting is trying to help with.

  7. #7
    C'mon guys....there's no "Juanita"!!! Someone is just pretending to be a mexican girl to boil your feelings up!
    Don't be silly!

  8. #8
    Something being "close to legal" is like "being a little pregnant". It's either legal or it isn't. Juanita (and I have to wonder if this is a real post or just something to stir people up) is asking us how to break the law here! Juanita, if you do exist, you owe it to all of us to do this legally. I won't give you advice on how to break our laws.

  9. #9
    sorry guys! Looks like you are right. At closer look even the spelling "errors" aren't typical at all!!! I am definitely leaning towards the fake thing.

    For some reason when I answered this, I was thinking that "she" was thinking about getting a fake social, and I wanted to discourage that by suggesting other options, not by encouraging being illegal.

    (and yes there is a difference between being pregnant - and being pregnant with twins or triplets! Just as there is a difference between being illegal and committing a felony!)

  10. #10
    Somebody, welcome back. It's nice to hear from you again

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