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What is an interview??

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  • What is an interview??

    Can someone please describe an interview?? What kind of interview, what kind of questions do they ask you? Whats the options of "failing" i guess? Or is it possible to fail, and if you pass what happens next? Do you get red stamp? or they tell u when you'll get ur gc? someone please tell me

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    they will ask u a few questions about what you want to do in the usa like your asperation what u want to do work and hobbies and things like that just answer tthem yourown way 30 minutes it takes


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      Be prepared for both extremes when it comes to the green card interview. My wife and I spent weeks preparing for the interview, getting all the documentation ready and we were in the interview less than 10 minutes and I was only asked 1 question......."why did i move to PA"....he then stamped my passport and that was it.......