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    can i file for asylum if i have worked illegally

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    can i file for asylum if i have worked illegally


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      Give us more details.


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        You can apply for Asylum no matter what!


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          If you have been in the U.S. for over a year, you are ineligible to apply for asylum, unless you qualify for an exception to the 1 year filing deadline.


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            i have been here for 8 years illegally, entered legally with F1 visa, i recently joined opposition movement in my country, and now election have just been held and government used fraud, and is killing our opposition group, oppostion leader has declared war, and has feld too, that is my basis for asylum


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              Give me a break. How can you be in a movement in your country when you have been here illegally for the past 8 years?

              I do not know the laws but I think you should find another country or find another way to become legal.

              Please do not ruin the chances of people who really need asylum by manipulating the laws for your selfish gain, especially since you were knowingly here illegally.

              Talk to a lawyer.


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                Well well well ..This is just like hearing someone say < i dont eat pork meat but i eat pork soup > Dude just doesnt make sense.
                How in the hell can you join a political movement of oposition while you have lived in this country and never went out to phisically being a part of that group and on top of that now you want to apply for assylum? Dude they will take your application and slap u in the face with it .Man assylum doesnt work this way . Bottom line is NO YOU CANT APPLY .
                Unless you go tell them or put on your forms that you entered illegally without inspection and change that name of yours and just forget it it cant work . 8 years boy Nah!!!!
                Marry a Us citizen better and easy Okay?
                Good luck


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                  The more I read these boards the more I am amazed at how you people are all trying one trick or another to take advantage of this country. Thank God Americans are finally waking up to the fact that our lax enforcement has let in millions of criminals. Just showing other people the things written here has been enough to get a lot of people behind being much harder on illegals. Maybe in a few years we will be rid of many of you and have our country back again.


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                    Do not judge all the emmigrants in the same way, people are not all the same,no where in the world.
                    This country is and it will be great,because there will vever be to meny racist people like you .I hope god forgives you.

                    Thank you.


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                      Most Americans are nice people, no doubt. Their niceness is abused by many immigrants, no doubt. But Amreicans who hate immigratns should understand that today's America can never get rid of immigrants. The problem is so big that you have become too dependent on the hard work and ingenuity of immigrants. You use immigrants until you need and then when you don't like them, you give different names, like, "alien", illegal aliens, illegal immigrants, so on. And you try to treat them like criminals. You don't know the distinction between "out of status" and "criminals" ? You are the ones who is reaping most of the fruit of immigration. So, never think of getting rid of immigrants. Yes, you better think of reshaping the type immigration you need. Having said this, I want to let you know that Chinese, Indians and Mexicans are the three groups you will never get rid of them. They are occupying every part of the world gradually.
                      I'm sorry. But it's a reality. Try to cope with them rather than trying to get rid of them.

                      I am neither Chinese, nor Mexican nor Indian. I am a non-immigrant and never having the desire to live in this country for a longer term. I am here as a student. I will go right after the completion of my course. For me, America has clean roads and some more modern technologies. Americans are cleaner physically. Beware, not necessarilly spiritually. And as i said already, there are many many Americans who are nicer. Still, I don't have even a slightest desire to live in this country for good. I do not want to live in this country for many reasons although i like many things here.

                      Yes, your dollar is really attractive. Your highways are nice to drive. Your stores are big.
                      Still, you never attracted me except the univeristy i am in. Don't forget that almost all my professors are immigrants and the PhD students, my colleagues, are 100% foreigners.

                      First get rid of these kind of people, who are taking courses in your universities and who are teaching here. First get rid of all computer programers from India and all maths geeks from China.

                      Good Luck in your effort to get rid of immigrants and to make it a pure "Black and White" nation.


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                        My brother applied for asylum. He and his wife got EAD for that reason. The Asylum officer denied it so the EAD it expires soon. But his wife wants to keep working. Her employer does not have the EAD on file. Never asked for that. Brother is in F1 and his wife is in F2.

                        a. If his wife is caught, will he also be placed on deportation proceeding?
                        b. Can she reapply for asylum with immigration judge at that time? Brother was the main applicant while applying for asylum. But his wife was also included.