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HELP!!! EAD Renewal

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  • HELP!!! EAD Renewal

    My husband and I applied for our I-485 in Dec 2001. Our EAD is going to expire on april 1st. I applied to 485 on F-1 status. We applied for the renewal 26 days late. I got an internship offer from a company. I want to find out if there is any other way to work other than waiting for the 3 months to get over to apply for I - ead. Please advise me about this....

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    The only option is to go to your district office and beg the EAD officer. However, normally they do not issue a temporary card unless the case has been on file for at least 90 days. But, take a letter from the potential employer that talks about their unfamiliarity with the process and their need for you to begin on time either with other interns, etc.

    Good luck!


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      I think that was not a good answer. You cannot go and beg an officer.It's against the law.


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        The above post was not posted by me. Mr. M. Morales is an reputed Immigration Attorney, you should follow his advise.
        Good luck