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INS and marriage interview

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  • INS and marriage interview

    Does anyone know if the INS interviews people other than the husband and wife, when trying to determine if a marriage was entered into legally (for love, not just a green card)?

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    Did you not enter your marriage in good faith?

    If your marriage is legit you have absolutely nothing to worry about.


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      Its not my marriage but that of my friend. Although this couple might be marrying for love there are many people that think otherwise.


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        Yes ,they interview other people if they do not believe you.


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          Rarely, but they have been known to knock on doors especially neighbors.

          Why would the disaproval of other people affect the merits of a marriage?


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            right after our interview, INS called one of my husband's friend cell phone and asked for me.


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              when i was going in for my interview with my british husband we did lots of prep work. we got all of our friends and family to write letters attesting to the fact that they knew that we were a real couple. on these letters our friends included their contact info, how they knew us, when they spent time with us, etc.
              we rent an apartment, we don't own, so we also got a letter from our landlord (who lived next door) saying that he knew that we lived there together and that we were great tenants, etc.
              the immigration officer ONLY looked at our lease and our letter from our landlord (i handed them both to him at the same time). other than that, all he looked at was tax stuff, wedding photos, my husband's letter of employment, ids, and the only joint things we had (health insuance- we don't even have joint bank accounts or car insurance- the fact that we didn't have these wasn't a problem). i needed to supply one more tax document that i hadn't brought with me and the interviewer said that as soon as he got it we would be approved.
              he also asked how we met. i was so nervous i asked him if he wanted me or my husband to answer. the interviewer actually said, 'i don't care, either of you'. the interview lastest all of 5 minutes and now that i've mailed off the tax form everything should be fine.
              if you're worried that they'll want to talk to friends or family just get those people to write letters attesting to their knowlege of your relationship. that should be more than sufficient (again, our interviewer didn't even want to see ours!). good luck.


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                What is your point in pulling up an old thread from 2002 , Who is it that you think you are answering?????

                Please ... what is your point.


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                  when me and my husband went we didnt really had a problem it took 10 minutes.. first five min he ask for only all joint papers he didnt even look at anything just put it in a folder and thats it.. then the other 5 minutes he talk to my husband about where we are station if he likes the military.. and he ask me if i would join and i said yes but im waiting for the 10 year before i do so.. he couldnt give me the 10 year because we werent married 2 years yet so he apologized for that and that was it..
                  i was so scared my lawyer was in the room and even he was relax but not me.. the interviewer had us laughing it was a good interview..