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SSN question regarding I-9

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  • SSN question regarding I-9

    My EAD expired 6 months ago and i kept working but i did something stupid and got fired. I was supposed to stop working in july 29th but i got fired on nov. 15th. If they audit my I-9, would i get in trouble? i know people who let their EAD expired and they keep working and they never get in trouble if they check the I-9 for audit. I need to find a job under the table until i get my other EAD because i'm getting marry next week and it will be hard to wait for couple of months without work. If i use my SS# that says Valid only with INS authorization, will i get in trouble? or i guess i will talk with my ilegal budies next door and get a job with them until things get straight.

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    This must be the 10th time you've brought this up - I just answered you on another thread. Friend, don't blow things by committing fraud, and for heaven's sake, don't get in with illegals - even though things seem to be working out for them now, fraudulent ID and bad SSNs will catch up with everyone eventually. Like I and many others have said before, don't blow it - don't work without authorization, and yes, you will get in trouble.


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      To dwonder,

      Whom are you getting married to: LPR or USC?