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H1B and Canadian Permanent Resident

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  • H1B and Canadian Permanent Resident

    When a H1B holder and worker in the US gets his Canadian Permanent Residency, can he continue to work on the H1B for a certain duration.

    As I understand you have to be in Canada for 720 days out of five years to maintain your permanent Residency. It does not say that you have to be in canada every year for a minmum period.

    Can the H1B holder work in the US for say three years and then live the last two years in Canda.

    Assuming he has already landed and came back to US on his existing H1.

    thanks in advance

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    hey can you go to canada by road once you have immigration of canada? when you land in canada, what kind of documents they ask for there? Do they put any stamps in your passport or you just have to show you papers?


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      Yes, as long as you are in Canada for 2 out of 5 years, that's fine.