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Serious: Why America ?

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  • Serious: Why America ?

    Let me ask the immigrants why they feel so strongly about America. The poll feature is gone so you have the freedom to write whatever. What is it that you feel America has that your home country doesn't and compels you to leave family, friends and familiar surroundings to come here ? Money, love, freedom, ??? What ?

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    Let me ask the immigrants why they feel so strongly about America. The poll feature is gone so you have the freedom to write whatever. What is it that you feel America has that your home country doesn't and compels you to leave family, friends and familiar surroundings to come here ? Money, love, freedom, ??? What ?


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      Well, my situation is one shared by many children of employees of foreign companies doing business in the U.S.

      In my case, I had no choice or say in whether or not to relocate to the U.S. I was 15 and my father was being asked to manage a new subdivision in the U.S. We thought it was going to be a temporary contract for 2 years, but then it got extended indefinitely and I've been here ever since. I've also gotten married here and gone to college.

      How do I feel? Well, I feel totally ambivalent. I am neither an American nor a [country of citizenship/birth]. I feel like I am not really part of either culture, which in many ways is great because I believe that sometimes we use culture to separate us, disregarding the simple and basic biological fact that we're all the same.

      I would love to return to my home country. It has the same freedoms available here in the U.S. and some advantages that the U.S. does not have. But my husband, who was born and raised here, would not be willing to live overseas.

      I guess that I've come to appreciate my home country a lot more since I left than I ever did when I lived there, especially its people, its cuisine and its historical and artistic heritages. Alas, we can't turn the clock back.

      Interestingly, many people who have lived similar circumstances to mine (as in, children of foreign employees of foreign subsidiaries, etc.) seem to share my same feelings.


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        When my hubby and I decided to get married we had to decide where to live too. I was a lawyer in Southamerica so coming to the US would mean loosing my job and not being able to practice my profession. My hubby is a federal law enforcement agent so couldnt work outside the US. One had to sacrifice and it was me. It was easier this way because he didnt speak Spanish.

        I dont feel American and honestly I dont want to be one (I think it would be like betraying my own country). I miss country a lot, my friends, my family, my food, my traditions. I miss my old life style, which was quite luxury in my case.

        But I would miss my hubby even more. So I came here. If we were in my country I would be happy but he would be sad.


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          I've lived in a lot of countries and there is no place like home. France has stand up bathrooms (no ceramic nothings) with a drain down by your feet (no splashing please), india's showers dont have curtains and water pressure is terrible (bucket required for full h20 coverage), germany has female sunbather's on top of the alps with long rapunzel like hair a' swinging from their armpits (and legs). Alot of toilets in europe are pay toilets, no quarter no tinkle. OK, i'm going off on a useless tangent.. LOL


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            Now I understand my aversion to shaving, my German ancestry. Why mess with what god gave you?
            Sweet Madame Belu


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              I like America because there is less anti-Americanism here than there is anywhere else! Granted, there is still plenty of it (most notably among pompous, naive, American college kids). LOL I have to laugh at myself sometimes. In all truth, America and its citizens are no more or less in God's eyes than any other nation.
              Have a nice day


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                I'll say the opportunity to get more $$$ is one of the major reason to choose USA


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                  I came to America to rid the streets of *****s called Michael


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                    The average annual salary in Mexico is 4000.00 a year and here it is 5 times that. We share a huge, permeable border with Mexico. It doesn't take a genius to understand why they are flooding in. It has nothing to do, for the most part, with having any particular admiration for Americans or the American government. If Belgium shared a huge border with Mexico, than Mexicans would be flocking there.

                    As to immigrants from industrialized, rich nations, I cannot say. Perhaps they admire the culture, or have relatives who live here. Perhaps they have to come for career related reasons.
                    Have a nice day


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                      It's all relative to what it costs to live in Mexico. Saying a Mexican earns $4k / yr means nothing unless you calculate the cost of living.

                      I can live for $100 per month in Nepal. So, if I made $4k in that country, I'd be living high on the hog.


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                        Its a good question.

                        But, honestly, Americans(anyone who was born and brought-up in USA), will not completely understand why people from foreign countries do the things they do, go get here.

                        But I will still list 2 big factors that made me come here.....

                        Money & my picture of USA that I formed in my mind from watching movies, since I was a kid.


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                          My US husband worked in Germany as a contractor for the US Government. His company had to send us to the US after they lost the contract. When we came to the US we have been married for already 10 years. Too bad that does not count at the INS. I miss my family/friends and of course the good food. Many ingridients I am used to have, I can't buy it here and even if, they are terrible expensive.
                          Americans have to learn many things from Europe, especially health care (EVERYBODY in Germany has a health insurenace), job security and sozial benefits provided through the government (not every thing is a "good" thing, but you live safer in Germany in case something bad will happen to you). To hear the "f" word all the time is really bordering me (yeah, we germans can curse too but not like here and yes, in the meantime many kids are using this word too). I could go on and on, but that would be "off topic".
                          Julie: Yes there are still many women they don't shave and there are many women who will go topless at the beach. So what? Its not like here that if you see a female breast and everybody goes ape shit. Strangely so many porns are coming from "oh so prude" USA. Hypocrates would be the right word.
                          Not only France has stand up bathrooms. Italy and Turkey too. The US Virgin Island, for example, they have to collect the rain water in big cisterns. Don't you dare and use more than 20 gallons per person/day.
                          I love the US because of the country itself, the opportunities and the beauty. Thats why we'll stay here.


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                            Hi Everyone, it was interesting to read why everyone came here, my reason was for love. I came here thinking that it would be just a case of showing you wanted to work and you would be given the opportunity to do so. I was so wrong, you see I can never marry my love as we are the same sex and unlike my home country yours does not allow sponsorship for people like me. I have tried every avenue I could think off to gain a way to stay with the person I love but have been unsuccessful.
                            I now face either staying here illegally as I have been or leaving and returning home with a ten year ban and almost certainly losing my family I have here, I also have family back home, a 4 year old Grandaughter I have not seen for almost 2 years now and it is tearing me apart, to be with one I have to lose the other, so that is the decision I am faced with now. I know a lot of people are going to say I have only got what I deserved, but I ahve always thought of this country as a good country who believed in people's rights to have a good life.....seems I was wrong!!! but I still think America is one of the greatest countries in the world and will never regret my time here. I will live in hope that someone will at some point in the near future change things for people like me, I don't want to hurt anyone or commit crimes I just want to live a quiet life with my partner....Whats so wrong with that


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                              ever tried to blow sunshine up a german's *** ? damn near impossible