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Husband will report me to INS!!!

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  • Husband will report me to INS!!!

    I am getting ready to self-petition under VAWA but my husband is threatening to report me to INS... What will happen if he does?

    Will they put me into removal procedings? How long does it take them to actually knowck on my door if they do?

    I should be ready to file within a week but I am afraid he is going to call them tomorrow!!!

    How is self-petitioning different while you are in removal procedings from while you are not?

    Also, he sais he'll report my employer too... because my husband never petitioned for me and I don't have work authorisation... now will that threaten my employer's company too?

    What can I do?

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    Can you say Dosvadanya ?


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      He sounds abusive to me...why hasn't he started any petitions on your behalf yet? Is he using your status to get things his way? threathen you and what else does he want you to do against your will ? waht exactly is he saying he's going tell ins? does he have a basis and do you have a reason to fear?
      call 911 if he's threathening your health or life. you can self petition if the marriga was entered in good faith. there is a waiver for that especialy for woman who can prove there theres abuse. What's his status and what's yours? YOur questions can't be answered realy.. unless you give more details like Maxime said.


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        Michael - I am not Russian...

        Maximu76 - I am alomost done with my application... I don't have a specific timeline but I was just wondering what would happen if he reports me today and I send out the self-petition tomorrow...

        Pandora - he is USC and he is abusive and I do have evidence - I recorded some phone messages full of verbal abuse and threats and I have a police report, TRO... I left him only a few months into the marriage because of the total emotional abuse and some financial and some physical. He is very controlling too... He did use my lack of status to threaten me so I don't leave him or don't call the police when I was scared of him.
        Now I have left and I am a few states away but I think he is finally realizing I am not going back... so I think he will be vindictive and report me. I think he is going to do that today, Monday. He is saying he will tell them that I am out of status and where to find me, and also that I have been working in this company here without permission. I was actually in a great status before we got married, I was on F1, and after we got married I left school for a semester to get back on our feet financially, and he never petitioned... so here I am

        But I was just wondering in case they do put me in removal proceedings, how would that be different from me self-petitioning before he reports me...


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          Relax you.

          ICE, INS, etc. all don't give a rat's *** about vindictive pissed off (ex)husbands whining about their wives and telling them to deport them.

          I mean HE was the one who sponsored you! How can you bet out of status when you're still married!

          Honestly, even if somehow he was able to walk into a IS office, htey'll "consider the source" and tell him to buzz off and let them worry about the real illegals and the terorists.

          -= nav =-


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            Moondin - thanks.. actually somebody else from a DV shelter told me the same thing this morning.
            I am simply concerned that the INS don't even know we're married because he never filed the I-130 for me and he might not tell them he's my husband. So they do not have me on file as anything else than an F1 overstay. So they may actually consider it? They will probably check my file wont they?


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              I think you should consult a lawyer. Since I-130 and I-485 were never filed by your husband, it looks like you have been out of status ever since you abandoned your school and F-1 status.


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                However, if you have been out of status for just a semester, you could in theory petition to reinstate your F-1 status. While the application is pending, you will be in legal status. However, since you worked without authorisation during this time, you may not get reinstated. I am sure you will find a way out of this situation.


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                  Thanks, Lucy... does petitioning for reinstatement of F-1 status take long? Do you know how this should be done?


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                    You are toast. Don't buy into these false hopes. Since you never had an AOS you have no recourse to stay. You must not only prove abuse but also that it is a hardship to return home Having worked illegally puts the final nails into your coffin.


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                      Stop giving wrong advice, HARDSHIP is not hard to prove, EXTREME HARDSHIP is really hard to prove... 2 completely different things, the HARDSHIP that must be proven at I-360 or the EXTREME HARDSHIP ground on a waiver I-751.


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                        "What are the Basic Requirements?

                        The self-petitioning spouse,

                        Must be legally married to the U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident batterer. A self-petition may be filed if the marriage was terminated by the abusive spouse's death within the two years prior to filing. A self-petition may also be filed if the marriage to the abusive spouse was terminated, within the two years prior to filing, by divorce related to the abuse.

                        Must have been battered in the United States unless the abusive spouse is an employee of the United States government or a member of the uniformed services of the United States.

                        Must have been battered or subjected to extreme cruelty during the marriage, or must be the parent of a child who was battered or subjected to extreme cruelty by the U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident spouse during the marriage.

                        Is required to be a person of good moral character.

                        Must have entered into the marriage in good faith, not solely for the purpose of obtaining immigration benefits."



                        I do not see HARDSHIP as a REQUIREMENT in order to apply for I-360.


                        In addittion you should file for DIVORCE base on EXTREME CRUELTY (MENTAL & PHYSICAL IF APPLICABLE), a divorce decree under this grounds will help you.


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                          Here is the form to change/amend/reinstate status. You may have a very small chance.


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                            What country are your from? Perhaps you can apply for asylum or for the Green Card Lottery ...


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                              I stand up for the rights of US Citizens against fraud. VAWA is the biggest fraud in American history. Millions of USC's have been falsely accused of "abuse" and I will not stand for it ! If you don't like it - too bad ! This is AMERICA and I can say whatever I want.