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10 year bar and transit through a US airport???

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  • 10 year bar and transit through a US airport???

    I have a friend who is under the 10 year bar penalty for overstaying in the US for over a year in the 1990's. She is now back in her home Country in Europe.

    She plans to fly to South America for a vacation. Can she transit through Florida?
    I suppose that passengers in transit don't go through the US Immigration inspection right??

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    that is a good question! I'd imagine that she'd be able to just pass through as long as she's not considered a threat to national security


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      Hi. I am not so sure. You might want to try calling the US embassy in her country to confirm. (Also, it will depend on whether she would normally be under the visa waiver program or if she is from a country that would require her to obtain a transit visa.)

      She might also want to look into companies that fly direct to South America from Europe (Without stopping in the USA). Of course this will depend on where is is planning to go, and where she is flying from, but I know that Al Italia, KLM, and, for some reason I can't think of it, but the spanish airline all have direct flights to South America without stopping in the USA.


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        Whoops I meant to add, that my husband flew round trip from Ecuador to Germany (with two stopovers) with Al Italia and partners for 900 USD. He stayed three months in Europe during the summer... so reasonable prices are possible without stopping in the USA.


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          Ther are two type of transit. one who stay on the airport for some time and then catch another flight. Another who want to go out from the airport.
          If the 10 yearts bar exsists then your friend will not be able to parole out of airport. Not even if he gets transit visa. Flight risk involved.Issuance of visa does not guarantee the admission into the country.
          On the airport he can stay and catch another flight. its quite simple
          Its a discussion, not a legal advise..


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            For Mohan:

            I have a personal question for you. I know that you are not an Attorney, I must say you have a very good knowledge of the Laws.
            What do you do for your leaving.


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              I,m an Engineer
              Its a discussion, not a legal advise..