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  • Verify address change

    Is there a way to verify if your Change of Address has been processed and the address has been updated by INS?
    I read one posting saying that he had sent in the address change form 3 times but the address was still not changed. How can people verify this?


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    Check out the thread that Sammy started on hange of address a few days ago. It has comprehensive information on what to do and where.

    One point he mentioned is to make certain you copy the Service Center processing any current or pending petitions, as well as mailing the AR 11 to the general change of address locations mentioned on the forms.

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      You could call the National Misinformation Line and see what address they have on record for you. But, as has been mentioned, you need to update the local office (if you have paperwork pending there), the service center (if you have paperwork pending), and the AR-11 Kentucky office. There is no automatic update from Kentucky to the service center or local office so you need to inform all three.

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        I called twice and updated my address. Then I sent in the form to the service center to update my address change. I did get a letter in the mail from homeland security verifying the address change. It came within 1 month's time. If you only called the address change in, I would download the form and send it in, if you are extra worried send it with delivery confirmation or return receipt requested.


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          I called the USCIS service center and was told there is no way of verifying the address with them and all I need to do is sending in AR-11 form.


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            Call them up again, and ask for an 'Immigration Officer' because in their computer system they do have access to address information. The first person that picks up the phone are only customer service representatives that don't know anything about immigration, and its unbelievable that their computer system does not have access to such a simple thing as checking an address. You have to arrange a way so they could transfer you to an Immigration Officer, they could check your address with either your A# or tge Receipt # of the application pending.


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              Calling the misinformation number is like playing the slots. Each time you call you will probably get a different answer. Keep on trying. You can't stop after one try.


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