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did you hear that one ????????????????

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  • did you hear that one ????????????????

    INS will be the only one deciding for the faith of immigrants...they have the final decision...
    there is no more INS judge to hope for ....

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    INS will be the only one deciding for the faith of immigrants...they have the final decision...
    there is no more INS judge to hope for ....


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      What are you talking about?


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        I think usc meant to write fate, not faith. Must be commenting on the topic previously posted August 27, 2002 04:00 AM
        Ashcroft Changes to BIA: A Slap in the Face to Immigrants

        Washington, D.C. – The Attorney General today issued a final regulation that will negatively impact how the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) functions by severely compromising due process and the independence of the immigration court system. These changes join others the Bush Administration has issued in the past year that fail to balance our enhanced security needs with this nation of immigrants' Constitutional guarantees. As the highest administrative appeals body for immigrants that reviews decisions made by immigration judges and INS officials in individual cases, BIA members make decisions that ultimately can determine whether someone who has been persecuted and tortured for his beliefs will live or die and whether U.S. families will be united or divided.

        "The BIA often is the court of last resort for the vast majority of people seeking review of decisions by immigration judges. It is vitally important that the BIA remain a robust and vigorous review body," said Jeanne Butterfield, Executive Director of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). "It is troubling that the Bush Administration talks about reaching out to immigrants on the one hand, but pulls the appellate rug out from under them with the other."

        Despite voluminous comments from numerous organizations raising issues of critical concern, the final regulations are nearly identical to the regulations proposed last February, and go in the wrong direction. Immigration laws are incredibly complex and often unclear, Congressional intent is often ambiguous, and the INS itself frequently argues positions that courts later hold are contrary to congressional intent. Yet the Administration's changes seem to assume that the appeals before the Board do not involve complex questions of law.


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          Basic American Government 098:

          - There are three branches of Government with EQUAL veto, this guarentees the unique "check and balances" of power;

          - Executive (the President as its chief in command, military, police, dept. of justice.
          INS is just one tiny part of that),

          - Legislative (congress and senate)

          - Judiciary, the judges, courts, especially the Surpreme Court)

          The president can give an "executive order" and if its unconstitional, it can be challenged in courts, or with enough support, changed via laws passed by Congress... I believe that your initial post is an uneducated panic reaction and completly inaccurate!


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            Hanbal, can't you see that right now in this post-9/11 world, all three branches of power are swamped with ANTI-IMMIGRANT sentiments. Given such a harsh Attoney General, a politically driven administration, and a repeatedly-bankrupted immigration agency, "The balance of the power" ain't gonna do nothin' good for us.

            It's just THAT sad, Hanbal !!!!!!! CAN'T YOU SEE ?????????????????????