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need help concerning bar on returning back to usa.

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  • need help concerning bar on returning back to usa.

    Could someone kindly give me some advise as to how it works, I have overstayed 5months and 10days, since my waiver visa of 3 months expired, so in total i have stayed here for 8 months and 10 days, now I want to leave and will i get barred to return here, or will I just miss getting it, if I leave in the next few weeks.

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    If you are pretty, marry me and I can file a petition for you and you can come back! I dont need no money!

    Just a lot of sex!!


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      You should be fine at this point. If you overstay by more than 180 days, 3 year bar applies, if more than a year - 10 year bar.


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        There is an overwhelming chance that you will lose the waiver privilege the next time you try to enter the US...the INS keeps track of waiver travel and since you decided that our laws did not apply to you on this trip (quick, what is the difference between 90 days and 240?) you will discover another law that you will have to obey - that of not abusing the waiver privilege and the results of having done so. Your next "visit" to the US will most likely be very short - in the airport and out the same day. Next time, consider obeying our laws.90 days does not mean 200 or more as an authorized stay.


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          I believe that Abolit is correct.

          However, call the INS and double check (make sure you talk to an immigration officer or call several times as the people who answer the phones are frequently poorly informed, but with enough work you can verify the info.

          Or briefly call a lawyers office, you might be able to get the answer to this question without being charged.


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            Dear Aibolit, Ray, Spouse, thank you very much for your kind replies, I really thank you all for your generocity and good nature of your hearts, I am very grateful for your help. Yes we could do with kind words given in wise advice. Nice to know there are kind people everywhere in this world. Bye for now. I have taken your advise and a lawyers, and am leaving today to return soon.And will not be getting into any trouble as you said, and will have no problem in return of waiver visa again at all. So you were right.Thanks
            Love Seema.


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              I really am glad to hear that things have turned out for you and you consulted an attorney.

              I want to wish you good luck upon your return and hope that all goes well for you!

              God Bless You!