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  • If hepatitis B positive

    Will green card application be refused if applicant is diagnosed with Hepatitis B positive?


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    Please help! I need to decide asap!!!


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      If you're diagnosed with HIV your application will be denied.


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        He said Hep B not HIV....

        I have no idea HB..sorry


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          Marie, thanks for your reply anyway.
          Anybody knows? Pleeeaaassseeee!


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            Hepatitis B would be OK unless you got HIV.
            Even if you got HIV you still have a chance to file for a waiver. If you got TB(Tuberculosis) then your immigration benefit may be delayed waiting for treatment until you are not TB active anymore.
            But if you got chronic Hepatitis B (Hepatitis B Surface Antigen HBsAg present in the blood test)
            then you should seek treatment because chronic Hepatitis B is the leading cause of many serious
            liver diseases including liver cancer about 20-30 years after the onset. If you just got active Hepatitis B (Hepatitis B surface antibody presents but not the antigen) Then you don't have to seek treatment. A lot of people from South and South-East Asia got chronic Hepatitis B and they don't know they got it until checking their blood test or until the first symptom of serious liver damage occurs.
            If you want to know more about it then go to WebMD
            web site and search for it.


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              Yes, I came from that region, where about 12 - 20% of the population got Hepatitis B. I don't have HIV :-)

              The doctor told me that I can live and work like a normal person, just don't drink too much alcohol.

              Thank you very much for your help!


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                Just a note on the TB thing: once you test positive with the TB skin test you will always test positive.

                I tested positive for TB on the skin test but my x ray was clear and they made me go through treatment and nothing was delayed. If your xray is positive, there may be some delay.